Far Cry 6: How to Save Your Game Progress

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Far Cry 6 has shown with its launch that it's a pretty huge game. To take up your time, it has tonnes of mission paths and unique relationships. It takes so long to get through that you may want to turn off the game every now and then.

Here's how the save function works in Far Cry 6.

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Latest - Far Cry 6 out now


After months of delays and hype, Far Cry 6 is finally out worldwide.

Get in there and explore Yara for yourself now. First, you may be wondering how the save function works. Here's how:

Saving in Far Cry 6


Far Cry 6, unfortunately, does not have a manual save system. This makes strategic saves nearly impossible as you just can't guarantee when they happen.

This means that the only way you can save the game is via Far Cry 6's autosave function.


How does autosave work?

Autosave is a bit of an annoying system as you can't really guarantee it will reliably work. For the most part, Far Cry 6 is decent with it but that fear is always there.

It should happen after every major plot point or questline and will display a small paper icon in the top right corner. Make sure to not turn off the game while it is saving or you could corrupt your save.

If you need to turn off the game and you're looking for an excuse to save, clear out an outpost or finish off a mission and you should see that autosave icon. It's an unfortunate system but there are ways to make it save.

How does saving work in co-op?

Autosave is exactly the same but pausing doesn't pause the game for everyone so you need to work around your saves tactically. When someone saves, you both do. For this reason, make sure you're in a decent place before that autosave goes off.

You can read more about co-op right here.