Far Cry 6: How to Fast Travel

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Far Cry 6 has launched worldwide and promises one of the biggest maps in the game's history. With tonnes of secrets to find and missions spanning the entire thing, you may struggle when it comes to traversal. That is what makes fast travel worthwhile. The ability to instantly (if you have a good enough SSD) get from one side of the map to another is a great way of using all that map space. Here's how to use fast travel in Far Cry 6.

How to Fast Travel in Far Cry 6

Fast Travel is pretty easy once you've figured it out. The key is that you have to do some exploration first. You have to clear out camps or find key spots.


Doing so successfully will open them up as new fast travel locations.

From here, you can travel to them by simply opening the map and holding square if you're on PlayStation (X on Xbox) with them highlighted. You can't do it for places you haven't discovered yet or in the middle of combat. Just get away from where you are and it should let you travel.

How to explore the map?

The key thing about Far Cry 6's progression early on is you have to defeat a few missions before you can really start to explore. Get past the mission called "The Guerilla" and it should bring you to Libertad HQ.


You are then given the option to go whatever way you like and explore the island at your own pace.

Modes of travel

There are tonnes of ways to travel around Yara. You can summon a vehicle through the weapon reticule or find horses in the wild. As well as this, you can jump from a high place and deploy your parachute to get across long distances.

There are some more ways to travel around but we won't spoil them for you. Good luck out there in Yara.