Far Cry 6: How to Destroy Tanks

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Far Cry 6 has launched worldwide and that comes with a brand new villain, a huge land to epxlore and tonnes of stuff to blow up. Perhaps one of the hardest enemies to deal with are the tanks. Here's how to destroy them and what you need to know before taking them on.

How to Destroy Tanks in Far Cry 6

Tanks are powerful but very slow moving. If you can get behind some good cover, they become easy to deal with. You need explosives, and a decent amount of them at that, to take them down.

Far Cry 6 Tanks
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A standard RPG could take one out in a few hits, given you have space to reload, but a tank or helicopter are probably your best weapons. If you have none of these, the Exterminador Supremo backpack is a great offensive weapon capable of taking down anything.

Just unleash it and it should take out that tank. You may have to wait for it to charge up first.


Where to get explosives

Explosives are easy to come by. You can find them on dead bodies, buy them in shops or find them in chests.

Some of the best weapons in the game are earned through weapon chests so these are a good way of getting them. If not, resolver weapons are also solid and earned through depleted uranium. You can learn more about that here.

How to get tanks

Tanks will naturally get unlocked as you play through the game. One main mission has you travel to a compound and fight your way out with a tank. I won't say which one to avoid the surprise.

Outside of this, you can earn extra tanks or helicopters by hijacking them and bringing them to a central base. As long as it has the right facilities, it should automatically add it to your collection. Get into Yara and enjoy Far Cry 6 with all the explosions you can muster