Far Cry 6: How to Capture FND Outposts & Bases Easily

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Far Cry 6 is now out worldwide. Bases are a great way of earning new gear and leveling up your reputation. Here's how to capture FND bases and outposts qucikly in Far Cry 6.

Capturing outposts easily in Far Cry 6

Bases tend to get their own objectives. Where some may require wrecking the surrounding area, others have you take out all the soldiers. Generally, you can find more than one objective to complete in bases, having optional goodies and new missions available.

Far Cry 6 FND Bases
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For this reason, it's all about finding the next base and paying attention to what it wants you to do.


How to spot them

If you zoom into your map, you should find areas surrounded by red lines - these are where enemies are located. If you get close enough to an FND base, a red flag will appear on the map, letting you take it over.

Essentially, you just have to explore around Yara until you see where the nearest outpost is. Then, get your gear ready and take it on. If you struggle with it, improve your gear and come back later.

Some general tips

Use your phone to tag enemies before you decide to take it on. Regardless of your playstyle, it helps to know where all your enemies are. From here, take note of all the enemies and their weaknesses.

After this, take out all the alarms first. Then, if the soldiers notice you, they can't call for backup. No matter what your playstyle is, you should try and take out the snipers first. They are annoying and do a lot of damage. If you get spotted, you don't want to have to avoid sniper fire too. From here, make your way into the base and take down whoever you see.

Generally, there are a few routes through a base, find the most efficient one and pick off soldiers as you move. Eventually, you should take everyone out and make your way to the next base.