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Fallout 76 continues to improve with Steel Reign expansion inbound

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The Appalachian Chapter of Fallout 76's Brotherhood of Steel is on the brink of collapse and Bethesda's new Steel Reign Update, which is free for all players, should help complete their storyline. For now, anyway. Here's everything you need to know about the Steel Reign Update that's due to arrive in Fallout 76 soon.

When Does Steel Reign Arrive?

Fallout 76's follow on from Locked & Loaded is due to arrive on July 7th on Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4. It's the eighth major update from Bethesda and it's another fantastic sign that Fallout 76 has a lot of life left in it.


It features both Legendary Crafting and Legendary Power Armor as two of the main selling points, but it also introduces Season 5 to Fallout 76: Escape From The 42nd Century.

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This means there's a new "Battle Pass" to complete and a lot of rewards to unlock. Steel Reign is only a part of Fallout 76's fifth season, though, so there's more to come once the Brotherhood of Steel's storyline is concluded.

You can check out the Reveal Trailer for the update below:

New Features: Legendary Power Armor & Crafting


These are the big two new features coming to Fallout 76 in the Steel Reign update. Looking at the Public Test Servers (PTS), which has seen most of the update for the last couple of weeks, we now know what Legendary Weapon Attributes and Legendary Powe Armour Attributes you can apply to your gear when you start crafting Legendary items.

You can check them all out below:

New Legendary Weapon Attributes


  • Aristocrat’s: Damage increases as Caps increase. Maximum of +50% damage at 29,000 Caps.
  • Juggernaut’s: Damage increases as Health increases. Maximum of +25% damage at 95% health or above.
  • Heavyweight: This attribute is still a work in progress, and it is currently non-functional. Look for it in the next PTS update!
  • Gourmand’s: Damage increases as you fill your hunger and thirst meters. Maximum of +24% damage.


  • Last Shot: The final round in a magazine has a 25% chance to deal twice as much damage.
  • Single-shot weapons, like Black Powder Rifles, cannot spawn with Last Shot.
  • Steady: +25% damage while standing still
  • Inertial: Replenish 15 Action Points with each kill.


  • Ghost’s: Attacks that hit enemies each have a 10% chance to generate a Stealth Field.
Fallout 76 Steel Reign Steel Dawn
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LEGENDARY POWER ARMOUR?! - At long last, Legendary Power Armour is coming to Fallout 76

New Legendary Armor and Power Armor Attributes


  • Aristocrat’s: Energy and Damage Resistances increase as Caps increase. Maximum of +20 for each resistance at 29,000 Caps.Power Armor: Maximum of +35 for each resistance at 29,000 Caps.
  • Heavyweight: This attribute is still a work in progress, and it is currently non-functional. Look for it in the next PTS update! Power Armor: Maximum of +35 for each resistance at 350 pounds.
  • Overeater’s: Increases Damage Reduction up to +6% as you fill your hunger and thirst meters.


  • Glutton’s: Hunger and Thirst grow 10% slower. This effect stacks up to a maximum of +50%.
  • Fireproof: +25 Fire Resistance
  • Warming: +25 Cryo Resistance
  • Hardy: Receive 10% less damage from explosions


  • Doctor’s: Stimpaks, RadAway, and Rad-X are 5% more effective.
  • Burning: 5% chance to deal 100 Fire damage to melee attackers
  • Electrified: 5% chance to deal 100 Energy damage to melee attackers
  • Frozen: 5% chance to deal 100 Cryo damage to melee attackers
  • Toxic: 5% chance to deal 100 Poison damage to melee attackers
  • Dissipating: Slowly regenerate Radiation damage when out of combat.

In the new Legendary Crafting system, which is due to be added when Steel Reign goes live on July 7th, you can now use both Legendary Modules and Legendary Cores to perform "Legendary Upgrades". These add the above attributes to your items and add a new degree of strategy to how you can play Fallout 76 going forwards.

The Pitt Returns To Fallout (In The Future)

In addition to the new Brotherhood of Steel questline being introduced in Steel Reign, there's also going to be a new Expedition in the coming weeks. It's time to head back to The Pitt. Yes, THAT The Pitt.

Fallout 3's Pittsburg is going to be added to Fallout 76 at some point in the next year and it marks the game's first excursion outside of the patch of post-apocalyptic West Virginia it calls home. You can check out the Teaser Trailer below: