Fall Guys Update 1.10 - Patch Notes, Release Date & more

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Fall Guys Season 2 is well underway, and a new patch, Update 1.10, is now here to bring some changes.

Here is the patch notes coming in the hotfix, and when it will be live in Fall Guys!

Update 1.10 Patch Notes

Fall Guys is receiving some solid quality of life changes as well as bug fixes in Update 1.10.

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Let's get right to it.

  • Party members come first when sorting in Spectator Mode
  • Disconnection issues fixed to reduce disconnections between rounds
  • Fixed excess data sending with the Show selector for parties
  • Speed issues fixed in Jump Showdown
  • Floor color reset fixed in Hex-a-Gone
  • VFX improvements in Hex-a-Gone
  • Performance issues addressed in Hex-a-Gone
  • New DLC image for Season 2
  • Fixed crashing for Arabic region settings

The change that will affect the most players will be the huge quality of life improvement for Spectator Mode where you will first cycle between fellow party members.

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You will no longer have to ask your teammates which color their outfit is to know you're watching the right player.

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The other biggest changes are the work done to reduce round-to-round disconnections, and sweeping improvements to Hex-a-Gone.

Release Date

Update 1.10 is live in Fall Guys right now! As a hotfix, Mediatonic clearly felt these changes were important enough to push out straight away.

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ARRRRE YOU READY?: The newest update is a hotfix, so it is live for play now!

This means that you can check out all of the new features of the new patch by queueing up now - and you might even earn yourself a crown while you're at it.

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