Fall Guys Skins: McDonalds french fry costume is an adorable crossover

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Fall Guys Season 2 is well under way, and we're still getting plenty of new skins.

If McDonald's has their way, a recently released french fry mockup skin could be next!

Let's look at this new design, and what kind of other future crossover skins could be coming to Fall Guys.

McDonald's Fall Guys Skin Coming?

McDonald's is only the latest company to put out a new Fall Guys skin concept in a long line.

Fall Guys McDonalds Skin Concept French Fries
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NEXT CROSSOVER?: It's only joking until it isn't!

This skin is an adorable french fry box costume, and while it was suggested in a comedic Twitter exchange, could it be the future direction of Fall Guys crossovers?


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Fall Guys crossover skins so far have been huge - including skins like Sonic the Hedgehog, and the Team Fortress 2 (TF2) Scout.

But could these skins move more toward non-gaming concepts? And could we be seeing more food running the courses of Season 2?

Future Fall Guys Skins

Fall Guys skins so far have kept mostly to gaming-related IP's, and while these have been hits, we expect they'll expand out in the future.

Wal Mart Fall Guys Skin
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COMPANY UNIFORM: Wal Mart is one of many companies that have mocked up uniform crossover skins for Fall Guys - could they be the future?

If this does indeed happen, the possibilities are wide open.

But while there are very few limitations on the kind of skins Fall Guys can soon feature, we have some suggestions on ones we'd love to see.

For starters, if we are indeed hitting food, we better start on some truly iconic ideas.

fall guys kfc skin 1
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THE COLONEL: KFC has also thrown its had into the ring

That means while McDonald's french fries should certainly be included, there's more we can explore.


For starters, we have to give credit where it's due, and push that Wendy's deserves a Fall Guys spicy chicken nugget skin. We realize this means Chick-Fil-A is pushed off of its chicken high horse - it's a hill we can die on.

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We also can't ignore the ringing of the Taco Bell, as a taco skin is overdue in Fall Guys.

A long overdue iconic regional food fight also needs settling. This, of course, is the Chicago deep dish vs. New York style pizza debate. Fall Guys can finally put things to bed by offering both, and seeing which earns the most crowns.