Squads have arrived in Fall Guys for Season 4

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Fall Guys Season 4 has literally JUST started! We're headed into the future with this update, so get ready.

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This new season will include new levels, challenges, modes, and of course skins.

LATEST - Fall Guys Season 4 Is LIVE

Following a sneaky stealth launch by Mediatonic, everything seems to be ready to go for Fall Guys Season 4!

That means it's now available for you to play!


Need a recap on what's in store? Check out below...

When Does It Start?

Fall Guys Season 4 starts today, March 22nd, at...

Wait, when does it start? For the most part, Mediatonic updates seem a little random. However, there's a reason for that!

Mediatonic actually opt for "stealth updates" with Fall Guys to make sure everything's working before they announce it properly to the world.


However, this does leave us a little "out to dry" when it comes to a release date.


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If we're speculating, though, we think Fall Guys is going to be updated somewhere between 17:00 GMT / 13:00 ET and 18:00 GMT / 14:00 ET. However, we'll keep this article updated with the latest information when it is available.

Squads Mode Coming

Squads mode is finally coming to Fall Guys in Season 4, allowing groups of friends to play the game together.

In Squads Mode, each squad will be ranked based on the placement of the team, and the top teams instead of the top players will move onto the next round, giving lower-skilled players a much greater chance at making it to the final rounds.

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Check out this video that breaks down how the new mode works.

Fall Guys Season 4 Start Date


Mediatonic has confirmed that Season 4 of Fall Guys will begin on March 22.

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This is a few days after the scheduled end of Season 3 and will usher in a variety of new features.

Cinematic Trailer Released

On March 15, a new Cinematic Trailer for Fall Guys Season 4 was released to tease what's new.

It runs through what to expect from the new season and shows off some of the skins.


The full Fall Guys Season 4 Trailer has not been released yet, but we have one that goes over one of the new levels coming as part of the update.

It focuses on Skyline Stumble, which will be one of the hectic levels that starts shows in the game. You can see the short trailer in the tweet below.




The theme of Fall Guys Season 4 is 'The Future'.

The new season will take the crazy game to the year 4041 where the world is full of neon, crazy tech, and fun new mechanics.

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The full reveal on March 15 will inevitably have all the details on what to expect from the theme, in terms of in-game events etc, but the fact that it's future based should make things new and exciting.

Among Us Crossover

In the cinematic trailer for the new season, it hinted towards a crossover with Among Us.

During the final seconds of the trailer, one of the characters falls into lava and texts appears saying,

"Fall Guy was ejected, 1 imposter remains."

Fall Guys Among Us Cinematic Trailer Text
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New Levels

So far, only one new level has been revealed. It is called Skyline Stumble and it looks pretty insane.


The level is, "A 60-player gauntlet with Low Gravity Zones, Forcefields, Flippity Bippities, Chonky Buttons, and Spicy Light Swingers!"

There will of course be more new levels and variations to existing ones added as part of Fall Guys Season 4 and we'll have all the details on those once they're revealed.


Finally, skins are a huge part of why Fall Guys is so popular.

Beyond the ones you might be able to spot in the trailer we showed you above, nothing else has been revealed for the new season.

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Since Season 3 is ongoing, and more skins are coming out for it, it makes sense that new ones aren't being revealed quite yet.

There won't be much longer to wait though.