*UPDATED* Fall Guys Season 2: GRIS Costume, First Look, Patch 1.07, Big Yeetus, Release Date, News, Skins, Cosmetics, Episodes, Consoles, Mobile & more

It’s taking over the world, but could we see the game show inspired title appear on more devices?

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FALL GUYS season 2 cover

Fall Guys continues to impress, as the increasingly popular game goes from strength to strength.

We’re closing in on Season 2, and even got a ‘sneaky’ first look, but that’s not the only thing to be excited about!

A brand new costume has just entered the field, and it’s a real showstopper!

Latest News – Gris Costume available NOW!

For those of you who may not know, Gris is an award winning indie game that follows the weird, wonderful, and artistically arresting journey of one lady through a mysterious land.

It released for PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC / Mac, and is a must-play!

Fall Guys 1
EPIC! The new costume is available now!

But now, you can take Gris on a whole new journey, as she battles against the ominous Big Yeetus, while avoiding falling to her doom. The new Gris costume is officially available in the Crown Store until 29 September!

Fall Guys Season 2 Release Date

Fall Guys launched on Tuesday, 4 August and Season 1 is expected to last nine weeks.

That would take us to Tuesday, 6 October.

However, as we have seen with other seasonal games like Fortnite, the “expected date” isn’t always accurate thanks to various delays and the possibility of an equivalent of “downtime” which may push things back.

Season 2 Teaser & Theme Reveal

Gamescom gave us a long awaited first look at Season 2, with an amazing teaser for what’s to come.

The trailer revealed a whole new Medieval theme, which will give us new and unique skins/costumes.

Season 2 Items & Cosmetics

We expect another 40 items to become available in Season 2 which can be unlocked by progressing through episodes and levelling up.

fall guys cosmetics
KUDOS! – What will you spend your hard-earned cash on?

Season 1 included a load of cosmetics as well as a total of 19,500 Kudos and 3 Crowns (in-game currency) to earn. 


The Shop should still receive regular updates, where you can spend your Kudos and Crown on customisation options.

New Rounds

There are 24 rounds in Fall Guys currently, and we hope to see some new ones added for Season 2!

fall guys ball
LET’S PLAY BALL – Here’s hoping for more rounds coming next Season

With this being the very first season, we have no idea how many we could see or what changes could be made, so let’s keep our fingers crossed for some fun new rounds to conquer!

We saw a new addition in the latest Patch, so new rounds arriving mid-season are now a possibility.

New Consoles

Currently, Fall Guys is only available on Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4.

With the game already on Windows, surely it is only a matter of time before it makes the jump to fellow Microsoft-owned Xbox One, with a move to Next Gen later this year a no-brainer. 

fall guys season 1
JUSTICE FOR ALL – Will Xbox players get in on the act in Season 2?

There are also reports that the game may be coming to mobile in China, so we wouldn’t rule out the chances of it happening in other countries also.

There’s now a massive gap on the iOS App Store after the removal of Fortnite, so this game could ‘fall’ into place quite well if so.

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