*UPDATED* Fall Guys Season 2: LIVE NOW, Release Time, Date, Trailer, Sonic Skin, Costumes, Rounds, Cosmetics & more

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Fall Guys has been a massive hit since its August release, and a new wave has come now that Season 2 is here!

Let's go over all the latest around the newest Fall Guys season, including its awesome trailer!


Latest News - Sonic the Hedgehog Skin Added

If you want to run faster in Fall Guys, we can't help you.

But we can at least tell you how to feel faster - and that's by picking up the upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog skin!

Sonic the Hedgehog Fall Guys

SPEED UP: The new Sonic crossover skin will soon be available in Fall Guys!

Instead of running down rings with the newest Fall Guys crossover, you can start chasing crowns - and show some style while you're at it.

The Sonic skin will be available on Wednesday, 13 October!


Season 2 is LIVE

That's right, the new season of Fall Guys is officially here! Check out the new trailer below:

Fall Guys Season 2 Release Date

Fall Guys Season 2 went live on Thursday, 8 October, and that's not all...

Fall Guys 3

DOUBLE TROUBLE: Expect rewards for your bravery!


You will now be able to earn double fame points, perfect for hitting the new Season flying!

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Season 2 Items & Cosmetics

There are a load of new medieval costumes available in Season 2 which can be unlocked by progressing through episodes and levelling up.

These include the likes of dragons, knights, withches and wizards!

fall guys s2 costumes

FAB FOUR - These four costumes arrive for Season 2


Season 1 included a load of cosmetics as well as a total of 19,500 Kudos and 3 Crowns (in-game currency) to earn. - so expect a similar format this time around.


The Shop will still receive regular updates, where you can spend your Kudos and Crown on customisation options.

In addition, Fall Guys has said we 'can expect plenty of exclusive collaborations and crossovers to compete for your attention, kudos and well-earned crowns'.

New Rounds

There are four new rounds joining last season's 24 in Fall Guys - find out more about them below.

Knight Fall

In Fall Guys' own words, Knight Fall is their most challenging gauntlet yet!

fall guys season 2 rounds knight fever 1

WE KNOW HOW TO DO IT: Knight fever will be the game's most challenging gauntlet yet!

The new round features a course full of dangers with swinging axes, swinging battering rams, and other difficult obstacles.

Wall Guys

In Wall Guys, you'll have to make use of movable objects to overcome some towering obstacles!

fall guys season 2 rounds wall guys 1

OFF THE WALL: You can opt to either cooperate or sabotage in this new round

You can opt to work with your opponents for a smooth crossing or cause havoc and sabotage other's attempts.


Egg Siege

This new egg-based round throws in the perils of a castle with moving parts.

fall guys season 2 rounds egg siege 1

YOU'VE GOTTA BE YOLKING: Egg grabbing just got a whole lot more chaotic!

If you thought egg grabbing was chaotic before, oh how wrong you were...

Hoopsie Legend

This new round is a solo take on Hoopsie Daisy, however, cooperation may be more integral than it first seems...

fall guys season 2 rounds hoopsie legend 1

SHOOTIN' HOOPS: Cooperation is more important than you might expect in Hoopsie Legend

The only way you're getting through this round is working together to earn points - lookout for those golden hoops!

Show Selector

Season 2 also features an all-new Show Selector which allows players to pick different selections of 'shows', which include some limited-time events!

Each show will have its own theme to suit different playstyles, such as Gauntlet and Survival Showdowns.

New Consoles

Currently, Fall Guys is only available on Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4.


With the game already on Windows, surely it is only a matter of time before it makes the jump to fellow Microsoft-owned Xbox One, with a move to Next Gen later this year a no-brainer. 

fall guys season 1

JUSTICE FOR ALL - Will Xbox players get in on the act in Season 2?

There are also reports that the game may be coming to mobile in China, so we wouldn't rule out the chances of it happening in other countries also.

There's now a massive gap on the iOS App Store after the removal of Fortnite, so this game could 'fall' into place quite well if so.

Season 2 looks to have come too soon for other consoles, but watch this space.

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