*UPDATED* Fall Guys Season 2 LIVE - NEW ROUNDS! Bug Fixes, Latest News, Trailer, Date, Rounds, Cosmetics, & more

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Fall Guys Season 2 is now live, and we've got everything you need to know right here!

Latest News - Season 2 Live!

The long awaited Fall Guys Season 2 is now live, and boy is it intense!

Before we dive in, check out the trailer!



New Rounds

With Season 2 having a medieval theme "inspired by epic quests from the middle ages" we had high hopes of some weird and whacky additions to the game - and they didn't disappoint!

Hoopsie Legend

This is a solo take on Hoopsie Daisy. Cooperation is required to nab precious points, but things aren't as they seem.

fall guys season 2 rounds hoopsie legend 1
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PLAY IT ON LOOP! We know you'll be coming back to this game mode

You'll move blocks to reach the hoops, but this will cut off other paths too, making for an ever-changing landscape!

Knight Fever

Some of the wildest of medieval obstacles feature in this round! Make your way across and avoid the huge spikes!

fall guys season 2 rounds knight fever 1
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SUGAR & SPIKE: Stay calm to make it across!

This round builds upon the chaos of ‘Slime Climb’ and ‘Fall Mountain’, so expect even more hilarious falls!

Egg Siege

Grab eggs from your fellow beans, but amongst a castle full of moving parts!

fall guys season 2 rounds egg siege 1
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EGGING THEM ON! Expect some wholesome carnage in this round

Moving drawbridges, an enormous sized axe, and more feature in this round, so make sure you tread carefully and pick your timings well!

Wall Guys

More movable objects but this time you can build your own route to glory!

fall guys season 2 rounds wall guys
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TO THE WINDOW, TO THE WALL! Worker, supervisor, or betrayer? The choice is yours!

Co-operation and precise jumping are needed, but be careful of your 'friend's' intentions, as you may get caught out doing all the work, and let behind!


Show Selector

There's an all-new Show Selector which lets you pick a roster of shows.

Each show has a themed playlist of Rounds, which are tailored to suit different play-styles!


The theme continues with new costumes and skins, with your character to be dressed as a "medieval hero".

fall guys s2 costumes
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BACK IN TIME - Which medieval costume will be for you?


Witches, wizards, knights, dragons and more will all be available to you, as well as the option to randomise your costume.

Expect Halloween to also play a part as October rolls on.

Items & Cosmetics

With 40 items available for Season 1, we expect a further 40 to arrive this season, which can be unlocked by progressing through episodes and levelling up.

Anything else?

The team at Fall Guys have added other aspects such as the ability to fall with your friends whilst matchmaking.

fall guys fall with friends
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FREE FALLING - Link up with your mates ahead of the action


Starting on Friday, 2 October, double fame points are available in Fall Guys up until the launch of Season 2 - so get playing!

Other new features include the option to choose your banner icon, or to select a nickname for your character.

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