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Fall Guys PC/PS4: FAN BIG YEET LITTLE Update, contents, bug fixes & more!

Fall Guys continues to go from strength to strength in the gaming world.

This is in no small part due to their awesome social media accounts, who still make me laugh at every tweet.

The coming update has been aptly named by one such Social media employee as, "FAN BIG YEET LITTLE".

One hell of a name we know, so let's take a look at what this latest update will contain!

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The update, excitingly, is arriving this week and features a number of new addition.

Making its debut in Fall Guys is the new level, Big Fans!

It seems that this is a very suitable name, as the new gameplay suggests.


The new update will also see the inclusion of new variations in the game, a new name system for PC and a server region selector.

On top of this, players can now select their language in-game and Crown Costumes are now in store rotation!

Bug Fixes

The new update for Fall Guys will also push out a number of smaller bug fixes for the game.

fall guys season 2 rounds wall guys 1
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UPDATES: Fall Guys has already seen a host of changes

These include annoying, game-changing bugs like falling through tiles in Hex-A-Gone and losing jump inputs.

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Other bugs this update will fix are:

  • Grabbing the crown on Fall Mountain and hanging from it instead of winning
  • Infallible achievement sometimes not unlocking
  • Falling on flat surfaces

Fall Guys

Fall Guys is currently only available on PC and PlayStation 4.

fall guys godzilla crossover
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GODZILLA: The giant monster was recently added to the game

The team behind the game haven't ruled out taking it to other consoles, however, this likely won't happen this year.

Fall Guys is currently £15.99 on Steam and PlayStation Store.