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Fall Guys: New Level Big Fans Officially Revealed - Plus 5 ideas we'd love to see

Fall Guys official Twitter account has teased us with a brand new level arriving next week, called "Big Fans", so what would we love this new level to include?

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Brand New Level Revealed - Big Fans

Fall Guys Official Twitter account has finally revealed the brand new level coming in the update next week!

fall guys big fans tweet
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BIG FANS: Fall Guys Twitter reveals brand new frightening level

The new level looks to be a challenging obstacle course, set at a frightening looking height!

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The Tweet also states that the update arriving next week will contain lots of fixes, a new naming system, Lil Yeety, and loads of level variations.

Egg Dodgeball

Dodgeball would be an exhilarating team game to be added in Fall Guys!

fall guys egg game min
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DIVE & DODGE: Would dodgeball be the most exciting team game in Fall Guys?

Egg Dodgeball would need to be made up of two teams, and would take place as the game does in real life - if you get hit by the Egg, you're out!

The last team standing wins and advances to the finale!

NFL in Fall Guys

Everybody loves seeing Fall Ball as the next level in Fall Guys, so why not bring NFL to the game as well as soccer?

Fall Guys Season 2 Knight Fever
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TOUCHDOWN: Custom touchdown celebrations could be introduced in the store

We could see flying last-ditch tackles, or heroic long passes into the end zone in the final few seconds of the game!

The introduction of custom celebrations after a touchdown could be really fun too!

Big Red Balls

The familiar Big Red Balls, from gameshow Total Wipeout, could become the toughest level in the game!

fall guys wall guys screen min
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LEAP OF FAITH: The Big Red Balls could pose the toughest challenge yet!

The Big Red Balls are notoriously hard to conquer in Total Wipeout, and could become the most rewarding level to qualify from in Fall Guys.

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Fall Guys have confirmed that the name of the new level will be "Big Fans", so we expect to see something rather "Big"!

Egg Hunt

With Egg-based challenges featuring heavily in Fall Guys, why not throw another one in?

fall guys season 2 rounds egg siege 1
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EAGLE EYED: Keep your eyes peeled for the arrival of Egg Hunt in Fall Guys

Egg Hunt would be a spin-off of a classic Easter-Egg hunt, with obstacles thrown in there, of course!

If you find uncover enough eggs without getting thrown off the obstacle course, you qualify for the next round.

British Bulldog Finale

We have all loved playing British Bulldog as a kid, but in case you're not familiar with the game, this is how it works.

fall guys season 2 rounds hoopsie legend
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FRANTIC FINALE: British Bulldog would be an exhilarating way to claim a Crown!

The aim of the game is to run from one end zone to the other, without being caught by the bulldogs - players in the middle.

When a player is caught, they become a bulldog themselves, and try to catch the remaining players.

The last man standing wins and takes home the Crown!

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