Fall Guys Dark Souls crossover will make you want to praise the sun

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Fall Guys Season 2 has landed with a bang and changed a few things about the game we all love.

Mediatonic haven't made as many changes as some might want though.

One YouTuber and Unreal Engine developer has put a unique spin on the game.


Fall Guys meets Dark Souls

Sanadsk has mashed the unforgiving world of Dark Souls with the bright and friendly Fall Guys.

Joyful beans are now covered in armour and ready for battle.


With lava awaiting you and some amazing customisation for your beans this crossover has everything.

You wouldn't think these two games would blend so well, but the sense of success and utter frustration both can provide works amazingly. We want to play Fall Souls!


Slime Survivors playlist

While you can't play Fall Souls, there is something new coming to Fall Guys. A Show playlist called Slime Survivors is coming to the game.

The mode groups together all the game's survival rounds into one playlist. While many are worried that it will be only Slime Climb forever, Mediatonic has reassured fans that isn't the case.

fall guys slime survivors
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HEX-A-YEA: If you specialise in these rounds then you're in luck

There will be Block Party, Roll Out, and others in this playlist, making it a little different to the usual race or team-game struggles we all go through.

Season 2 of Fall Guys kicked off last week on both PC and PS4. It bought a Medieval theme to the game, with lots of skins and outfits around knights and even dragons!