13 Nov 2020 12:49 PM +00:00

*BREAKING* Fall Guys confirm Untitled Goose Game collaboration

One of the most addictive games on the planet is about to get, well, a lot more "Goosey"?

Fall Guys has teamed up with the cult classic Untitled Goose Game to bring some fresh new cosmetics to the game.

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A goose costume has arrived in-game, with more arriving soon.

The goose head costs 5 crowns, with the butt costing a further 5 crowns.

fall guys goose game costume
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HONK AWAY - Is this costume the perfect fit for you?

Two other costumes will arrive in-game, with the official post on Twitter showing farmer and baby costumes too (see below)!

Honk Emote

We can't wait to see this, a HONK emote for your character!

fall guys untitled goose game tweet
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Thanks to this emote, we think the full set is going to become very popular!

Season 2 Update 1.11 Patch Notes

Here's everything that arrived in the Fall Guys patch earlier this week:

  • *NEW* The Show Selector: Time-Limited Shows give players new ways to enjoy their favourite rounds types by selecting which Show they want to play!
  • *NEW* Nameplates: Mix and Match customisable Banners and Nameplates to compliment your Fall Guy’s attire!
  • *NEW* Random Outfit Generator: Press triangle on the customiser screen until you get a combination of items you like!
  • Improvement – See your party members fall alongside you while waiting for matchmaking to complete.
  • Improvement – Fall Guys now have more responsive mantling up ledges.
  • Improvement – Visual updates to many levels
  • *New Level* Knight Fever:  Our hardest gauntlet level yet.
  • *New Level* Wall Guys:  Cooperate with other players to traverse castle walls.
  • *New Level* Egg Siege: A brand new Egg Scramble map with moving drawbridges!
  • *New Level*  Hoopsie Legends: A Solo Hoopsie Round with moveable blocks.
  • Plethora of new customisation options – costumes, faceplates, colour palettes, emotes, and celebrations.
  • Many bug fixes and optimisations.

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