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Fall Guys on Nintendo Switch has been delayed

It was recently announced that Fall Guys will be coming to Nintendo Switch in Summer 2021.

However, this has now been pushed back.

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Latest - Fall Guys Has Been Delayed On Nintendo Switch

In a recent blog post, Mediatonic announced that the release of Fall Guys on Xbox and Nintendo Switch will be pushed back from its original Summer 2021 release window, no new date has been given.

"We've realised that our previously announced Summer 2021 Switch and Xbox release schedule is unfortunately just too soon for us to include all of the tasty new features we're working on.
While we want to launch on these platforms as quickly as possible, we believe the Switch and Xbox releases are really going to be worth waiting for and we’re super grateful for your patience."

In the same post, they also announced that crossplay will be coming to the game, allowing players across all platforms to come together and have fun playing the game.

"This delay gives our team some time to add features like crossplay."

Fall Guys Coming To Switch

After much speculation, it has finally been confirmed that Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is coming to Nintendo Switch.

Fall Guys Nintendo Switch Reveal
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The hit battle royale game finally makes its way to the handheld system.

Although the game has lost a lot of its hype over recent months, being able to play on Switch is sure to bring back some of its former popularity.

Fall Guys will be released this summer, exactly one year after it was first released.

Official Trailer

Check out the official trailer for Fall Guys on Nintendo Switch below.


About Fall Guys


If you've never heard of Fall Guys before, here is some information to let you know what to expect when you try and jump in and get those Crowns.

Don't worry, you can't be any worse than TimTheTatMan.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout flings hordes of contestants together online in a mad dash through round after round of escalating chaos until one victor remains! Battle bizarre obstacles, shove through unruly competitors, and overcome the unbending laws of physics as you stumble towards greatness. Leave your dignity at the door and prepare for hilarious failure in your quest to claim the crown!
Massive Online Pandemonium: Dive into a series of ridiculous challenges and wild obstacle courses with masses of other competitors online, all with the hopes of making the cut and advancing to the next round of mayhem.
Competitive & Cooperative: Shift between competitive free-for-alls and cooperative challenges where the losing team all get eliminated!
Comically Physical: Watch in delight as your fellow competitors bend, bounce, and bash their way to hilarious, physics-based failure!
Delightfully Customizable: Fail in style with everything from fashionable pineapple couture to the latest in bunny hats available to customize your look in Fall Guys.