Fall Guys Download: Black Friday savings, PlayStation & more!

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Fall Guys continues to go from strength to strength across the gaming world.

With Black Friday sales kicking off everywhere, Fall Guys has got in on the action too.

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Let's take a look at this exciting new Black Friday sale now, and what it means for players!

Fall Guys Black Friday

The official Fall Guys twitter recently revealed that the game is going to be joining the Black Friday sales.


The tweet reveals that the Black Friday sales will be kicking off on PlayStation Store.


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We have not yet seen any information about a sale on PC, although we assume we'll see a Steam sale with the game included soon!

PlayStation Sale

The sale will be running from today until November 30.

So, if you want the game at a lower price, make sure to log on now and take advantage of the offer!

Wal Mart Fall Guys Skin
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SKINS: The game boasts countless cosmetic items

The game is currently 20% off, down to just £12.79 from the usual £15.99.


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Considering the game is immensely fun, this seems like a steal to us.

Steam sale

There has not been any information yet regarding a PC sale for the game.

However, as the PC version is operated by Steam, we assume we'll see a lower price for the game during the next Steam sale.

fall guys knight fever 2 min
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UPDATES: The game is consistently updated with new modes and skins!

Be sure to keep an eye on the official Fall Guys twitter for everything concerning sales.

You won't want to miss out on the opportunity to purchase the game for a cheaper price!