F1 Management Games are on their way: Multi-year partnership struck between F1 and Frontier Developments

Four different F1 management games are on their way, and we couldn’t be more excited!

Julian-Sims by Julian Sims
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Frontier Developments have just announced that they’ve landed a license to make several years Formula One management games in the next few years.

The exact shape of these games is a mystery for now, as Frontier announced the license without any mention of a specific game or genre.

That said, we know it’s going to be in the style of a management game, so continue reading for all the details.

“We are delighted to announce this multi-year licence deal with F1,” Frontier CEO David Braben said in today’s announcement.

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“F1 is one of the most popular global sporting franchises in the world, and we believe the combination of the F1 brand together with our extensive experience in management games will deliver fantastic game experiences to a wide and varied audience around the world.”

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Frontier is planning to make four F1 management games for PC and consoles, and there is a big gap in the market since we are lacking some bigger-budget racing management games on PC.

Sega made an attempt a few years ago with Motorsport Manager, but it failed to find a home in the racing community in the same way that Football Manager has found a place in the hearts of football fans.

Well, Frontier differ from Sega, as while they do not have much experience in the area, they do however have the biggest name in the space.

We’re going to have to wait for more information before we post our next update, so stay tuned!

Julian Sims