Epic Games Store: Games coming this week - Aztez, Kingdom Come Deliverance & more

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After another great week of free games on the Epic Games Store, we can expect to see some more great titles getting their rotation as free games on the site.

Last week’s games where ‘Ticket To Ride’ and ‘Carcassonne’.


Ticket To Ride is ‘The official adaptation of Days of Wonder’s best-selling board game.

Ticket to Ride 'takes a minute to learn and a lifetime to master’, description from the Epic Games Store.

If you want to pick up these titles, you have until 4pm today to do so, then they will go back to being paid games.

Kingdom Come

Warhorse Studios is a fairly new studio, with Kingdom Come
Deliverance being there only major title.

kingdom come deliverance

NOT JUST A BLACKSMITH - Where will you explore?


KCD is a role-playing open-world game with over 100+ hours of content to experience.

Kingdom Come Deliverance takes place during a war in Bohemia in 1403.

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You play as the son of a blacksmith, and the survivor of a
raid on your village. Ready for revenge you join the service of Lord Radzig
Kobyla, the leader of the forces against the raiders of your village.

Play as Henry to discover his thrilling journey of vengeance, and explore an in-depth open world whilst doing so.


Aztez, developed by Team Colour-blind, is a side-scrolling brawler mixed with a turn-based strategy.

aztez battle blood image

THE GREATEST WARRIOR - Take part in epic battles in Aztez!

This Hybrid mashup is set 20 years prior to the Spanish invasion
during the height of the Aztec empire.

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The player is an Aztec warrior and can use swords, spears,
knives or clubs to fight against your enemies.

With its greyscale/black and white colour palette, it stands out from other games similar to it in the genre.

The game has received mostly positive reviews, with an average
score of 81/100 across multiple reviewing sites.


These games become free to play on the Epic Games store on 13th February 2020 at 4pm.


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At the same time, Ticket to Ride and Carcassonne will become paid games again, so if you want to pick these up, make sure you do it ASAP!