Epic Games Store Free Games: Release, Expiry, Watch Dogs, The Stanley Parable & more

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Each month on the epic games store we see 2 new free games, courtesy of Epic Games.

If you’re looking to get your hands on anything from Indie titles to triple-A beasts, the Epic Games Store is the place to go.


This week we are getting the best of both worlds with an iconic open-world RPG and a great Indie exploration game.

below for more information regarding these games, the current free games and
the dates they will be available.

Current Free Games

For this fortnight, we’ve seen 3 free games release on the

a short hike

BRIGHT AND BOLD - A Short Hike is great fun for all ages!

These being; Anodyne 2: Return To Dust, A Short Hike and Mutazione.
These are all great indie-like games with a fun and intuitive nature.


These games are free from now until the 19th March 2020, so you don’t have long left if you want to pick these up.

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To read more about these games, click here for their description on the epic games store.

The Stanley Parable

The Stanley Parable is a puzzle-like, first-person exploration game which portrays a somewhat dystopian office environment.

the stanley parable

TURN THAT FROWN UPSIDE DOWN - This story takes many turns andtwists to keep your day exciting!


With fun and cartoon-like graphics, you don’t need to worry about your PC specs to run the game. However, the game still looks great using lighting to make the different environment feel unique.

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The Stanley Parable explores morals that not many other
games do. Just be prepared for a confusing but exciting story based around
dimensions and paradoxes.

It will be great to see the fan base grow once again after
it’s release over 6 years ago!

Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs received… mixed opinions at release. With much of the negative feedback coming from the unrealistic trailers portraying the game as it isn’t.

If you put this to one side, Ubisoft has created a great and expansive universe.

watch dogs 1

HYPE KILLS GAMES - Watch Dogs demise is mostly due to the false marketing.

With Watch Dogs Legion on the way, we recommend you pick this one up, to begin the Watch Dogs Saga.

If you enjoy causing havoc in urban environments (similar to GTA or Saint’s Row), Watch Dogs is a great game to add to your collection.

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Watch Dogs 2 is considered superior to this game, improving upon features that are missing from the first game, as well as fixing a lot of bugs present in Watch Dogs.

However, to get the full experience, you MUST play the first
game. It’s also a great way to get to grips with the mechanics of the series.


As the current free games end on the 19th March, these two new games will be available.


The dates run from the 19th March to the 26th March.

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If you want to get a hold of these games, make sure you can get on the Epic Games Store between these dates.

After this, they will go back to paid games, and we’ll see two (possibly three) new games to become free on the store.