24 Jul 2021 10:46 AM +00:00

The Best of the Epic Games Store Summer Sale

Now that the Steam Summer Sale is in the rearview mirror, it's over to the Epic Game Store to see what they're going to produce in their own Summer Sale.

The Epic Game Store has made plenty of headlines over the last 12 months with massive free game offerings and timed exclusivity deals, but now the focus is solely on their Summer Sale and what great deals we can get.

All deals are live until 5 August.

Best Epic Store Summer Sale Deals

Hitman 3

Hitman 3 is still currently an Epic Store exclusive until at least January 2022 but for now, you can grab the game as part of the Summer Sale for 50% off.


The story of Agent 47 continues and comes to a head in this third instalment of the popular IO Interactive game. Since ditching the staggered release of their episodes in Hitman 2, the popularity of the franchise has boomed.

Chivalry 2

Chivalry 2 was only released back at the beginning of June, but don't mistake the fact that it's not on sale as a bad thing. The game is only 10% off in the Epic Store Summer Sale, but getting any kind of discount on such a recent game is a bonus.


The online medieval warfare title is an incredibly fun game, especially with friends. With cross-play enabled, it doesn't matter what platform they're on too!

Star Wars Triple Bundle

Why settle for one game, when you could get three for one fantastic price? The EA Star Wars Tiple Bundle gives you Star Wars: Battlefront 2, Jedi Fallen Order (Deluxe Edition) and Squadrons for a massive 50% discount.


Getting all three of these titles for less than the cost of one brand new AAA game is a real steal. There is something for everyone with single-player focused campaigns and online multiplayer.


Hades hasn't received multiple Game of the Year awards and endless critical praise for nothing. This incredible roguelike has fluid and heart-pounding gameplay mixed with an engaging story that's like nothing else you'll see.


At 30% off in the Epic Store Summer Sale, you're getting a game that's no way near done in terms of content and may just surprise you even if you're not a fan of the roguelike genre.

Immortals Fenyx Rising

Formerly known as Gods and Monsters, Immortals: Fenyx Rising takes inspiration from Breath of the Wild and applies an ancient Greek twist.


Heavily underrated as it was a brand new IP from Ubisoft, its humourous storytelling and easy to pick up gameplay helped it shine. At 55% off, it's an absolute must-try if you enjoy the Ubisoft open-world style of game.