Elden Ring: How to Beat Godrick the Grafted

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In the run-up to Elden Ring's launch, players saw trailer after trailer prominently featuring a many armed man. This is Godrick the Grafted... and he is one hard boss.

Here we'll break down where to find Godrick the Grafted and give you some tricks and tips on how to beat him to make your adventure in the Lands Between just that little bit easier.


Where can you find Godrick the Grafted?

Early on in Elden Ring, you'll frequently hear about Stormveil Castle. It may even be one of the first areas you head to, depending on the route you take. While the world is open for you to explore any way you like, Stormveil is a pretty good opener, with some key items and upgrades to pick up along the way.

Godrick will be waiting for you at the end of Stormveil Castle
Godrick will be waiting for you at the end of Stormveil Castle

As you traverse the ruinous halls of Stormveil Castle, beating the likes of the notorious Margit the Fell Omen along the way, you'll eventually reach the final golden fog wall. Traverse it and you'll reach the final boss of the area: Godrick the Grafted, Lord of Stormveil Castle.


How to Beat Godrick the Grafted

As said previously, Godrick is not an easy fight. If you thought Margit was difficult, just wait until you reach Godrick. Like most bosses in this game, Godrick has two phases. Once he is done boasting about his accolades in the cutscene, you'll be thrown straight into the fight.

Godrick is a hulking Frankenstein's Monster of a man, with an array of arms grafted to him and boasting a mighty golden axe. His swings with the axe tend to last longer than you would think, and he takes a few seconds to recover from them. This, along with the delay after he has plunged it into the ground to cause a tremor, is the perfect opportunity to get some hits in.

His attacks might be heavy, but he is also very nimble. Able to whirl his axe in the air, shatter the ground and roll menacingly toward you, it is important to time your dodges carefully. Don't get greedy with your hits. Wait for the right moment to strike.


Once he hits about half of his HP, another cutscene will play out. After viciously ripping off one of his arms, he will take the head of a nearby dragon and merge it onto his bloody stump. He now has a dragon for an arm. Yep. You read that right.

This phase is a lot easier than the first. With the dragon breathing fire as an opening move, if you can time you to dodge right, you can get in close to Godrick for a few good hits. His move set is largely the same as his first phase, only now they are imbued with fire. The offset to this is there is now a bigger target, and more opportunity to get in for a few well-timed heavy attacks and maybe a stagger or two.

Keep on your onslaught and Godrick will be defeated in no time and thus your journey through Elden Ring continues.