EA Sports FC: Mega Licenses, Icon Leaks & more

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EA Sports FC

EA's first independent venture into football gaming, EA Sports FC, is expected to be a significant advancement for the genre. The game, set to release later in 2023, marks a new beginning for EA following their split with FIFA.

Although details about the game have been limited until now, EA has officially introduced the EA Sports FC brand and shared fresh insights into EA FC.

Get ready for an exciting launch into a brand-new era of football gaming by discovering all you need to know about this highly-anticipated title below.

EA FC Release Date

If EA sticks to its usual sporting schedule, EA Sports FC will likely see a release date on Friday, 29 September 2023, in keeping with the FIFA titles that have gone before.

However, there have been whisperings of an early release date in keeping with the start of the real-life football season. With the 2023/24 Premier League season kicking off on the weekend of Saturday, 12 August, we could see a release date in mid-August instead!

EA FC Price

With the game still a long way off, there is unsurprisingly no confirmed price for EA Sports FC.

There has been talk of EA's football title becoming a subscription model though, with annual updates for teams, kits, etc while updating the gameplay and players much more frequently.

EA FC Brand Reveal

At long last, EA has revealed its new brand vision, identity, and logo for EA Sports FC.  The brand design takes inspiration from the iconic shape of triangles in football.

From passing techniques to set plays, the shape is woven into the DNA of football and now EA Sports FC. The EA Sports FC brand is set to debut in over 100 matches across the biggest leagues in the world in the coming days.

ea sports fc
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IT'S TIME - EA Sports FC is taking over

Football fans can get their first look at the new brand in the wild when EA Sports FC partners including the Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A and Ligue 1 roll out the FC content.

“This is where the story of EA SPORTS FC begins. We’re building on 30 years of leadership and history creating experiences that bring the global football community together, and continuing to take it into a fan-first future,” said Nick Wlodyka of EA Sports FC.

“EA SPORTS FC will be a symbol for the sport, a symbol of innovation and change, and we’re energized to show our fans more about the future in July.”

EA FC Leaks

Prolific leaker @FUTZONEFIFA has taken to Twitter to reveal a host of new information regarding FC 24, with news leaking for pretty much every feature you can imagine.

Here's a breakdown of everything leaked so far by FUTZONE:

EA Sports FC New feature leaks
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RUMOURED CHANGES - FUTZONE has leaked some major new features for EA Sports FC

As you can see, the main headline features centre around dynamic packs and cross-play coming to Pro Clubs.

Cross-play implementation for Pro Clubs has been wanted for some time and the arrival of this feature is set to please a wide range of players.

Something more controversial, however, is the confirmation that dynamic packs are coming to FC 24, with this feature rewarding those who spend money in the game.

Online Career Mode CONFIRMED

We finally have some concrete information as to which game modes EA Sports FC will feature. Ultimate Team is the big moneymaker for EA, so that was always going to be a guarantee but this is now confirmed.

Pro Clubs players will be glad to know that the popular game mode is returning and we hope to see some vast improvements in EASFC.

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SHOP TIL YOU DROP IN - Link up with your pals with ease thanks to this new arrival

According to @UTSources on Twitter, an online Career Mode is confirmed for the first-ever EA Sports FC title too.

There's a high chance that an online Career Mode will be a social game mode allowing you and your friends to play together in a private league, but this is all speculation at the moment. Take a look at every single confirmed EA Sports FC game mode here.

Football Streaming Service

Is EA making its first strides into the football streaming service arena? EA has already announced a groundbreaking multi-year partnership with Spain's LaLiga, which includes naming rights, in-game integrations, and broadcasting highlights!

ea sports fc la liga
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COMING SOON - LaLiga highlights will be available in EA Sports FC

EA already has strong affiliations with the Premier League, Bundesliga, Ligue 1, and Serie A, so broadcasting deals with these leagues look on the cards.

Premier League secured

According to various sources, EA has secured the rights to the Premier League for their new game, EA Sports FC.

A new six-year deal has been signed, with the partnership astonishingly said to be worth around £500 million per year.

FIFA Premier League
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MAJOR DEAL - EA and the Premier League have agreed a deal

So, this means EA Sports FC will definitely feature all 20 Premier League clubs and everything that comes with them, including player names, club kits, badges, and stadiums.

This news will no doubt come as a great relief to fans of the franchise amid worries that EA Sports FC would lose certain league licenses going forward.

Fierce Competition


The split between EA and FIFA has been well-documented, but they are not the only two players competing to be at the top of the football-video game table.

Konami's eFootball is beginning to show signs of life, while new games such as GOALS, UFL, and Football Manager will also hope to be in the mix.

Read more about the brand new games set to offer HUGE competition for football's biggest gaming franchise.