06 May 2021 2:45 PM +00:00

EA Sports acquires baseball developers Metalhead

EA Sports continues to spread their footprint with new titles, and the latest acquisition of Super Mega Baseball developer Metalhead Software will only keep that going.

Here's everything we know about what this means for EA Sports moving forward.

EA Sports acquires Super Mega Baseball developer Metalhead Software

According to EA Sports, they've officially acquired Canadian development studio Metalhead Software, which is most known for the Super Mega Baseball series.

Super Mega Baseball was first released in 2014 on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, with an Xbox One and PC release coming one year later.

The inaugural title by Metalhead Software saw critical acclaim, and was even named Polygon's Sports Game Of The Year, which was momentum that Metalhead carried into the releases of Super Mega Baseball 2 in 2018 and Super Mega Baseball 3 in 2020.

EA Sports continues to expand with more sports franchises

While EA Sports already has a stranglehold on sports gaming with FIFA, Madden, NHL, and UFC, this latest move shows they're always eying an opportunity for growth.

EA Sports Metalhead Software Super Mega Baseball
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NEW HORIZON: EA Sports is looking to the future

There's more on the horizon, as EA Sports is prepared to bring back the NCAA Football series as EA Sports College Football and has their sights on PGA Tour and F1 as well.

The official announcement by EA Sports makes it sound like Super Mega Baseball will join their portfolio with the next installment of that series, but there's always a possibility that the developers play a role in forming a new baseball series for EA Sports.