Every game being showcased at EA Play Live

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EA Play Live is almost here!

The Spotlight Series gave us a closer look at FIFA 22, Madden 22, and Battlefield 2042 - whetting the appetite for the main event.


Latest - The Countdown is on

Today is the day, with EA Play Live commencing in just a few hours.

IT'S A KNOCKOUT - Expect to see a sneak peak from Knockout City Season 2

More rumours will circulate ahead of the stream, and expect to see plenty of predictions of what we could see.

For live updates ahead of EA Play Live - head here.


When is EA Play Live?

EA Play Live takes place on Thursday, 22 July 2021.

The show commences at 1pm ET / 6pm BST.

How to watch EA Play Live

The stream link for EA Play Live is already live.

You can watch the showcase right here:


Battlefield 2042

Revealed earlier this summer, Battlefield 2042 is the next title in DICE's massive shooter series.

We already know its release date and what modes will be included (it's been confirmed that there won't be a campaign or traditional battle royale mode) but we'd expect to see more from the game at EA Play Live 2021.

It'll probably be no more than a new trailer, but we could get a breakdown of some of the brand new maps, or those returning from previous games in the series.

There may even be news of a beta ahead of release in October, so there could be some exciting news during the show.

The Sims 5

It has been rumoured we will see The Sims 5 at EA Play Live 2021.

the sims 5
THE WAIT IS ALMOST OVER: Could we see a Sims 5 trailer at EA Play Live 2021?

If the rumours are true, we'd love to see a trailer, however, this is likely to be very short with the game not being released for a while yet.

Sims 5 is expected to be released in Spring 2022.


It was confirmed during the Spotlight event that FIFA 22 will feature again at EA Play Live, and rumours online are suggesting this could be around the overhauled Player Career Mode.

We still know very little about Ultimate Team in FIFA 22 - so keep your eyes peeled on that front too.

Next Gen gameplay was showcased ahead of EA Play Live in the Spotlight Series:

FIFA 22 was the final game showcased in the EA Play Live Spotlight Series - and it didn't disappoint.

The stream took place on Tuesday, 20 July and will showcase Next Gen Gameplay featuring the new Hypermotion Technology.

From improved goalkeepers, to tactical AI, to sprinting away from defenders - there's plenty to be excited about.

Madden 22

Madden 22 is still likely to feature at EA Play Live, but it received its own spotlight event on Monday, 19 July.


Thanks to the fan movement #FixMaddenFranchise, there was significant pressure on EA Sports to give the once-beloved and now oft-criticized game mode some much-needed TLC.

Check out our take on the showcase right here.

It remains to be seen what area of the game will be shown off at EA Play Live itself.

NHL 22

We expect NHL 22 will be optimized for next-gen consoles, so hopefully, we'll see a Next Gen trailer at EA Play Live.

SMOOTH SKATING - NHL 22 is expected to release in October

While the NHL 22 release date is yet to be determined, we can assume the game will be coming around September or October if it keeps on track with other releases from the series.


Knockout City

Knockout City arrived in May, but with Seasonal content arriving, expect to find all about future in-game releases and modes at EA Play Live.

Apex Legends

Season 9 of Apex Legends arrived in May, and the push back in date of EA Play Live suggests that we could get a Season 10 reveal this July.

EVOLVE - It's been a big year for Apex already, with the game now on Switch

We haven't heard anything about Apex's Next Gen port - so if the team does decide to reveal something, expect it to be future plans for PS5 and Xbox Series X.

Skate 4

We are not sure if Skate 4 (possibly called just Skate) will be included in EA Play Live 2021, but we'd love to see a teaser trailer if it is!

WAITING PATIENTLY: Fans can hope EA will announce a release date for Skate 4 at EA Play Live
WAITING PATIENTLY: Fans can hope EA will announce a release date for Skate 4 at EA Play Live

EA has not yet confirmed a release date for Skate 4, so perhaps there will be an announcement on a specific date that fans can look forward to.

It was announced Skate was returning at last year's EA Play Live showcase - but it's been radio silence ever since.

EA Sports PGA Tour

The golfing community were surprised last month with EA pinching the PGA Tour licence off rivals 2K, announcing the return of EA Sports PGA Tour.

WE ARE BACK - EA's PGA Tour franchise is returning

The Masters (as well as the other three majors) has already been confirmed, so we hope to see some licenced golfers in a trailer and even an insight into gameplay at the EA Play Live showcase.

With a "Spring 2022" release date named, perhaps EA will reveal the official date at EA Play Live, or even announce the Ryder Cup's arrival.

EA Sports College Football

There's a slim chance we'll see a very small EA Sports College Football teaser at EA Play Live 2021.

OUTTA NOWHERE - The countdown has begun on a new College Football game, but when will it arrive?

Despite being announced earlier this year, the game is not expected until 2023 - so anything shown at E3 would be a bonus.

NBA Live 22

Is the NBA Live franchise coming back?


We haven't heard anything from the Live team since before the Coronavirus pandemic, so a huge question mark remains over the franchise.

With EA announcing the return of the College Football and PGA Tour franchises, there's every chance that an NBA Live 22 (or even 23) statement could arrive.

If NBA Live 22 were to launch it would likely arrive in late August 2021, so EA may be running out of time.

Codemasters titles?

Racing fans could be in for a treat too, as EA's newest Studio Codemasters could get involved this year. What could Codemasters bring to EA Play Live 2021?

Well, what about exclusive F1 2021 details or the announcement of DiRT Rally 3.0! We'll just have to wait and see what the British racing masters have in store.


Star Wars

EA did lose the exclusive rights to the Star Wars franchise, but will continue to make games for a "galaxy far, far away".

Unfortunately, it's now been confirmed that no Star Wars titles will be shown off until next year.