E3 2022: Start Date, Conferences, What to Expect & More!

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Start getting your hype train rolling because we're just a few months away from E3 2022. While very little is known about the upcoming event, there is still plenty of reason to be excited about the possibilities.

Will Sony return to the event? Can Xbox & Bethesda top last year's showing? Will Nintendo finally give us more Breath of the Wild 2? There are just so many unanswered questions that E3 2022 might have all the answers to.

Here is everything we know about E3 2022 so far including dates, conferences and who might be showing up!

When is E3 2022?

We don't currently have the official dates for E3 2022 but can make an educated guess based on previous years. The event usually takes place in mid-June so we would guess that 2022's event will be between 11-14 June.

It takes place in one of the quieter periods of the gaming calendar with not too many major games releasing around the same time. Usually, we see more of games that are released in the following 12 month period but sometimes games could be further from release but want to show off something new during the event. It's always a guessing game and that is what makes the event fun!

Will E3 2022 be Digital again?


Yes, E3 2022 will be an entirely digital event just like last year. This decision was made right at the beginning of the year and it's what made many people believe that there may not be an E3 at all this year.

E3 2022
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Thankfully, the ESA never confirmed that the show would be cancelled and recent developments show that work is underway to get a show together. There is very little detail out there other than this so we'll hopefully see news of developers and publishers announcing shows for E3 2022 soon.