Counting down to all the E3 2021 conferences and announcements

E3 2021 is just about to start, showing off what games we can look forward to over the next year or two.

We're counting down to the event, going over everything you should watch out for and a schedule of every main event.

Latest - No Games News at Take-Two Showcase

The Take-Two panel that was schedule for Monday, June 14, is still taking place, but the ESA has expanded on what you can expect from it.

The website now says this it is "Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Panel Discussion from Take-Two Interactive," so there's unlikely to be any games news.

Don't expect to see anything from GTA 6 or anything like that.

The Full E3 2021 Schedule

E3 themselves were kind enough to provide a nice and easy picture going over the central conference times that you can find below.

This being said, there are a few key events they haven't included here. Going in chronological order, this is every major publisher and what to expect.

Summer Game Fest

Summer Games Fest, hosted by Geoff Keighley is back once again this year. Partnering with some of the biggest game publishers, this had plenty of great announcements

It started at 11 am PT / 7 pm BST. We saw an update on a new Rocket League bundle, some new Overwatch 2 skins, and, most importantly, Elden Ring received a release date.

Ubisoft Forward

Starting at 12 pm PT / 8 pm BST on June 12th, Ubisoft will have tonnes of updates from their franchises and they've even hinted at some surprises.

With games like Splinter Cell, Assassins Creed, and Far Cry in their backlog, they could produce a legendary show.

We're expecting to see a follow-up on Far Cry 6, given the presentation we recently received. We should also see Rainbow Six Extraction, something new for Tom Clancy, and maybe even a follow-up to Splinter Cell finally.

Gearbox Showcase

Gearbox have their annual show at 2 pm PT / 9 pm BST this year and that should come with some interesting updates to preexisting franchises.

Well-known for publishing the Borderlands games, Gearbox also have a reputation for interesting indie titles. It's only half an hour long but we could get some interesting information.

We're expecting to see more from Borderlands 3 and the Borderlands movie as well as maybe some hints at Homeworld 3. We could also see a little more on Tiny Tina's Wonderlands.

Xbox & Bethesda Showcase

In a surprising bit of news, Xbox & Bethesda merged their shows to make an almost two-hour show that airs at 10 am PT / 6 pm BST on June 13th.

Xbox are known for flashy visuals and game dev purchases. Hopefully, we'll see an abundance of both.

We expect to see more information on Halo Infinite as well as most of the series Xbox have been hinting at for a while. We might see something great from Bethesda - maybe even some information on Elder Scrolls or Starfield.

Square Enix

Taking place just after the Xbox conference, Square Enix has just under two hours for reveals and presentations. It will start at 12:15 pm PT / 8:15 pm BST on June 13th

Square Enix are well known for publishing great JRPG like Final Fantasy and Nier but they also have a bit of a name for great indie titles and something a little bit different. We could see anything this year.

We're expecting to see more information on the next Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest games and probably some form of DLC follow-up to Avengers.

PC Gaming Show

Right after Square Enix, PC Gaming Show takes the stage for all-new announcements. It will take place at 2:30 pm PT / 10:30 pm BST that same day.

It's unsure what they will show this year but that's part of the fun of it all, PC Gaming Show could reveal anything.

Over at PCGamer, they revealed that we would see some information on Dying Light 2, Chivalry 2 and more but it's still very up in the air.


Capcom have been rather upfront about what we will see this year over on their Twitter page. We should see some updates on Monster Hunter, Ace Attorney, Resident Evil and more.

You can catch their show at 2:30 pm PT / 10:30 pm BST on June 14th.

It's hard to say what else we could see this year but we could see more information on Resident Evil 4 VR and perhaps news on the next Street Fighter game. If we're really lucky, we could even see something for the next Dragon's Dogma.


Taking place just outside of E3, the Nintendo treehouse is back this year and should bring with it tonnes of new games and announcements. You can watch their conference at 9 am PT / 5 pm BST on June 15th.

Nintendo are very fond of dropping games during the conference so watch out for new additions to the EShop.

We're expecting to see some more information on Breath of the Wild 2 and the next Pokemon game but we could also see something else on old Nintendo Franchises and maybe even the Nintendo Switch Pro.

Bandai Namco

With a show just under an hour-long, you can catch Bandai Namco this year at 2:25 pm PT / 10:25 BST on June 15th.

Although they have plenty they can show, the large time slot and good timing points at one thing - more information on Elden Ring.

We're expecting this show to be very focused on Elden Ring with some new gameplay and perhaps a story trailer

How to Watch E3 2021

On June 12th, fans can find an online portal that will redirect them to shows and allow them to watch everything from in their browser. This will be an interesting way of checking out all the latest reveals.

This being said, you can also check out the latest conference on Youtube, Twitter and all other major video services.

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