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Dying Light 2: Should You Help Donald Turn On the Windmill?

Helping out the residents of Villedor and sharing out resources is a big part of Dying Light 2. Early on, you'll be introduced to the role of windmills, which power up areas of the world and help set up new safe houses. The first one is introduced to you by Donald, but should you help Donald turn on the windmill in Dying Light 2? Well, we have all the details you need to help you make that decision.

There will be some mild early story spoliers below:

After meeting Sophie in the Bazaar, you're sent off to find her brother Barney, who's trapped in a Dark Hollow after getting injured and surrounded.

As you approach the entrace to where he is, you're abruptly interupted. Donald will ask you to help him out by heading to a nearby windmill to activate it. It's urgent because without it the survivors nearby will be at the mercy of the incoming infected.

So, should you help him out or stay on your mission and look for the crew in the Dark Hollow?

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Should You Help Donald Turn On the Windmill in Dying Light 2?

In our experience, you should choose to go and help Donald turn on the windmill.

Not only does it introduce you to the idea of windmills and how they open up safe areas across the map (as well as earning you parkour XP), but we can't see any downside of helping him.

In our playthrough, we went to help Donald with the windmill and then returned to Barney in the Dark Hollow and was still able to save him.

Since Barney is an important part of Dying Light 2's story, you'll likely be able to save him no matter what you do. They only thing that could change is the fate of his friends, which you also meet in this mission. Either way, it's worth helping Donald turn on the windwill when he asks you to.

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