How To Watch The Dying Light 2 Live Stream

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We're gearing up for another Dying Light 2 live stream later today. The game is due for release in December 2021 and Techland plan to show the game off periodically between now and then to offer transparency to fans.

Here's everything you need to know about the next Dying Light 2 live stream.

LATEST - Dying Light 2 Live Stream Takes Place Tonight

The next Dying Light 2 live stream is set to take place tonight live on the Techland Twitch channel at 8pm BST.

We're still unsure what will be the focus of the steam but we're happy to see anything from the upcoming zombie open-world title.

We do know that the stream is likely to be a mix of in-game updates and developer commentary.

Dying Light 2 Live Stream Start Time

The Dying Light 2 live stream will start at 9pm CET / 8pm BST on Thursday, 1 July.

Developer Techland have posted a short teaser for the stream to their Twitter account.

No explicit details have been given regarding the steam, but we can expect a general overview on various gameplay features and some developer commentary.

How To Watch The Dying Light 2 Live Stream

If you want to watch the Dying Light 2 live stream in real time, you can check it out over on the Techland official Twitch channel.

Dying Light 2 Screenshot
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This is going to sting a little.

If you are unable to make it to the live stream, Techland will upload the stream to the official Dying Light 2 YouTube channel.

The videos that they upload to YouTube will be broken up into chapters so you can skip to the content you want to see.

How Long Will The Dying Light 2 Stream Last?


Based on the last Dying Light 2 live stream which took place at the end of May, we expect the live stream to last around 30 minutes.

Given that these live streams are expected to continue up to release, their length is perfect for offering a small look into how development is progressing.

Also based on the last Dying Light 2 live stream, there will be a nice mix of gameplay shown and developer commentary. This offers the perfect balance for the live stream and ensures they'll have plenty to keep showing us in these streams over the coming months.

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