28 May 2021 4:15 PM +00:00

Dying Light 2 Factions Revealed during Techland livestream

Set 15 whole years after the apocalypse, Dying Light 2 Stay Human shows a very different world than its predecessor. It comes with all-new allies and factions to align yourself with.

This is everything we know about the three main factions.

What Do Factions Do?

Factions, mechanically, are how you make your central decisions in Dying Light 2 Stay Human.

Going with one group ensures that the goals of others aren't met. You can't make everyone happy so you should focus on yourself first. Pick whoever you think can achieve your goals.

The Three Factions


Here is what you need to know about the central factions you can join.


Survivors simply want to live. Their goal is to build some semblance of community out of the zombie wasteland around them.

They are about being self-sufficient and helping out others where they can. They will likely need to make tough decisions to keep themselves going but it's worth it to just live. They make safe zones around the area that you can use as shelter for the night.


The Peacekeepers are all about control. They are trying to set up their own police state within the confines of the city to try and enact their own form of justice.

If you would like to see a group of soldiers reclaim power over the region, this is the faction for you



Renegades are a group of ex-criminals who want to take control of the city through their own power.

This is a faction for those who want to watch the world burn, and maybe like playing the bad guy a little too much.

There's an interesting dichotomy at work with these factions. Where Renegades and Peacekeepers will likely clash, the Survivors want nothing more than to live. This will make for a fascinating decision .

At RealSport 101, we'll have a lot more on Dying Light 2 in the near future.