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Will BioWare's Dragon Age 4 have multiplayer modes?

Does Dragon Age 4 have multiplayer features and does it even need them?

Following the success of Respawn Entertainment's Jedi: Fallen Order, EA and BioWare have had to make a tough decision regarding the future of the next Dragon Age title.

Below, we have everything you need to know about how Dragon Age 4 is going to shape the series going forward.

No More Multiplayer

This will come as welcome news to some fans, and tragic news to others, but EA and BioWare are abandoning all planned Multiplayer and GaaS features from their upcoming RPG.

In an effort to pivot the title into an entirely single-player experience, following the success of Cal Kestis' outing, major changes are going on behind the scenes at BioWare.

Dragon Age 4 Multiplayer Solas Teaser
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SOLAS - This returning character is due to be an important part of Dragon Age 4

Bloomberg reports that the game was previously going to have "heavy multiplayer content", with insiders referring to it as "Anthem with dragons".


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This decision was met with mixed reactions amongst the team and we now know that those BioWare developers who were pushing for a single-player experience have won the debate.

Anthem Had A Huge Influence

The announcements above come days after Anthem Next was cancelled after over a year of development.

Dragon Age 4 Multiplayer Anthem Trailer
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DOOMED - BioWare's sci-fi GaaS shooter was destined to fail after a rough launch

Anthem Next was planned to overhaul and save Anthem from its disastrous fate. However, now we know that EA is essentially abandoning this title and Dragon Age 4 Multiplayer modes along with it.


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We don't have a set release date for Dragon Age 4, but with BioWare launching Mass Effect: Legendary Edition in May it might be a while yet before anything concrete drops.

Especially after this report which suggests a major overhaul is going on.

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