Top 3 Dota 2 dilemmas caused by pub players

People make regrettable decisions, move on and find the need to make more decisions. For Valve, regrettable decisions can mean more players abandoning Dota 2.

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On average, 400k Dota 2 players are in-game at any given time. Some of those players are vocal about what changes they want and what they expect from the game.

Surely, not everyone has the same opinions about the game. They like and want different things. Knowing and giving what the community wants and needs is a continuous challenge that we cannot adapt to.

Here are three dilemmas Dota 2 is facing:

1. Find matches with pre-determined positions vs find matches faster

Some players do not want to play in all positions. Support positions are often the least popular and in a lot of games, in order to have a balanced team draft, the last two picks should be support heroes. Players who do not pick early have two choices: give in and pick supports or be toxic and pick more carries.

This prevents players from playing in fixed positions and not be toxic at the same time, which is weird because professional players play in fixed positions. Dota 2 in the esports scene gives the impression that if you want to be a good player, master a position.

Matchmaking with pre-determined positions, and picky matchmaking in general, create a huge problem. They increase the time to find a match. Matchmaking in Dota 2 is already considered as slow compared to other popular games. A lot of comments and reviews mention this issue and lengthening it even more can backfire.

Dota 2 has shown effort in shortening the duration of finding matches. Showing Seasonal Rank Medals instead of MMR is one way to be more lenient with the matchmaking without making the MMR difference obvious.

Therefore, we can expect to keep calling for positions in the drafting phase. If you really hate the uncertainty of your team’s draft balance but do not want to adjust your position, you can find a full party.

2. Mobile and console support vs PC exclusive

It is common for popular single-player games to be available in both console and PC. Cross-platform multiplayer is less common, but it is growing. Growth of mobile gaming, in particular, is rapid and inevitable.

Consoles and PCs are luxuries, but most people need mobile phones. People are much more likely to keep buying and renewing their mobile phones compared to other platforms. When their consoles and PCs cannot play new games anymore, mobile games will make them decide to not spend more for games.

That does not mean console is the worst for games among the three. Consoles are meant to be the best because they literally are made only for games. They are simpler and more comfortable because console players do not need to worry about system requirements, they only need to buy and play.

Still, people also use PC for daily life. Students need PC, and mobile phones are not nearly close to replacing PC for student learning needs, let alone consoles. There is no way for PC gaming to die anytime soon.

There is demand for more PC usage. A lot of families still find it difficult to supply one PC for each children and adequate internet connection for concurrent usage by all family members. Every effort that the world makes to supply adequate PC and internet for every child, both for education and private life, should lead to the better future for our newer generations.

Another reason to keep the game PC exclusive is the fact that playing Dota 2 in mobile and console will definitely be harder than playing in PC. Imagine someone playing Pudge in mobile or console, you will expect them to miss Meat Hook a lot. Players will whine about being matched with two console players and two mobile players.

Valve showed an awareness of the importance of mobile support in games. Artifact, Valve’s Dota 2-themed card game that is set for release later this year, will have mobile support. Of course there is no harm for a card game to have mobile support, unlike the real-time, high-difficulty MOBA called Dota 2.

Unfortunately, Dota 2 needs to survive. Dota 2 players will not want their beloved game to have an average of 300k players in-game next year. A sacrifice like this might need to be made for this survival.

3. Techies removed from the game vs Techies enabled in Captain’s Mode

Playing against Techies is annoying. Techies’s mines make us afraid of moving around and boringly drags games to last longer due to how bad they are at attacking bases and how good they are at defending bases.

However, people love watching the Suicide Squad in action. Techies hype was real when Wings Gaming picked the hero in The International 2016. People just do not want the Suicide Squad in matches they are playing in.

After being removed from Captain’s Mode since patch 7.00, Dota 2 is still trying to re-balance Techies, but they seem unsure of how to do it. The hero is not changed in patches as frequently as other problematic heroes, such as Tiny.

Perhaps it is time to re-consider the reason for this hero’s existence. This hero does a lot of harm in pubs and the competitive scene is fine without mines.

What are your positions in each of these dilemmas? Let us know in the comments below!