Resolut1on to stand in for Effect in Dota 2 Asia Championships 2018

Resolut1on is going to play in DAC. A lot of fans are wondering if he will impress us in Shanghai, China, but Chinese fans are unlikely to cheer for him.

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(Image Credit: Peter Rist)

Two CIS teams will play in Dota 2 Asia Championships 2018. Except for who were awarded a direct invite, other CIS teams had to face each other for the spot.

Effect earned the chance to play in the group stage of DAC after winning the CIS Qualifier on February, defeating other CIS teams including Natus Vincere.

Recent performances-wise, Effect is a strong candidate to get eliminated in the group stage. Effect was never close to earning Qualifying Points this season. Effect was in the group stage of ESL One Katowice, but did not get a single win.

Latest news is Resolut1on will play as the position 1 for Effect in DAC, replacing Cooman who helped Effect win the qualifier. Currently not belonging to a team, this is an opportunity for Resolut1on to both prove himself and see if he wants to join Effect or look for another team.

Boring Major expected

With a lot of Dota 2 tournaments this season, including 22 planned Dota Pro Circuit tournaments, there are way too many professional matches to watch, and it is difficult for fans to sustain excitement for all of them. DAC as the 16th Dota Pro Circuit tournament has the potential to suffer from the drained fans.

Just because Majors have higher prize pools and more top teams does not guarantee they will be more interesting. The Bucharest Major is an example of a Dota 2 tournament that fell short of expectations due to the format and one-sided grand finals.

Instead, GESC: Indonesia was just a minor, but the fans were much more excited. Natus Vincere vs Fnatic proved that you do not need to have the most DPC Qualifying Points to entertain the community with a stunning series. Neither of those teams are direct invite regulars and neither of them are playing in DAC, but they made the crowd go wild.

DAC group stage will host 16 teams. Six of them are Chinese teams, a region known for having a lot of teams with similar playstyle. This is enough to cause non-Chinese fans to have low expectations.

The event will be held in Shanghai, China, so most fans in the venue are happy with the number of Chinese teams participating. However, Chinese teams have been rather disappointing in the last couple of months. DAC last year showed that Chinese fans are not willing to cheer for non-Chinese teams. There is a good chance this year’s DAC grand finals will be without cheering due to the lack of a home country representative.

Patch 7.12 is coming

Valve can prevent DAC from being another boring Major. Patch 7.12 is scheduled to come up on the first day of DAC group stage. On the other hand, big changes may result to games being even more boring if teams try to play safe due to unfamiliarity with the potential meta caused by the changes.

Do you think Resolut1on will perform well? What are your expectations for DAC and 7.12? Let us know in the comments below!