OG and Resolut1on eliminated in DAC group stage

Dota 2 Asia Championships 2018 group stage was awesome. Unfortunately, when there are winners, there are also losers. This time the losers are the more popular ones.

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(Image Credit: Peter Rist)

More bad news for the formerly top team and players were made in Shanghai, China. Both OG and Effect, the team Resolut1on is standing in for, did not make it to the main stage.

Realistically, it is not likely for them to win the tournament, but not making it to the top 12 is not something we expect from top Dota 2 players like them.

Due to releasing Resolut1on after the roster lock, the only way for OG to participate in The International 2018 is from the Open Qualifiers, so they do not need the Dota Pro Circuit points from this tournament. However, they need to show how good they are to attract potential Resolut1on replacements, and the prize money is great.

Resolut1on is desperate for a team as well. Many teams will want Resolut1on, but he needs a team good enough to play in the main stage of The International 2018. At this point, it seems like he will be there as an analyst.

SEA teams are strong

The two teams from the SEA region also made surprises with their performance. TNC Predator won the first place in Group A while Mineski won the second place in Group B, losing only to Virtus.pro.

Group A had a five-way tie after TNC Predator, LGD-GAMING, Optic Gaming, Team Liquid and Newbee all managed to win four times and lose three times. As a result, they all need to battle each other again to determine their standing. TNC Pro Team rose to the top after winning against everyone.

Group B had a straightforward result. Virtus.pro, Mineski, Evil Geniuses, Team Secret, Invictus Gaming, VGJ.Thunder, Effect and paiN-Gaming had seven, six, five, four, three, two, one and zero wins respectively.

Mineski’s iceiceice became the most hyped player in this tournament with his Pangolier play. He was the first one to play Pangolier after the hero was enabled in patch 7.12 and that one performance convinced other teams that they need to ban this hero when playing against Mineski.

Unlike the common belief that Javelin is the go-to item for Pangolier, iceiceice did not buy it. He did not even buy items to improve Swashbuckle. Instead, he optimized Rolling Thunder by buying Blink Dagger and defensive items such as Guardian Greaves, Linken’s Sphere and Pipe of Insight. Jerax was the only other Pangolier player who did not buy Javelin, but he bought Diffusal Blade.

Both TNC Predator and Mineski look like they can finish in at least fourth place and get Dota Pro Circuit points. Neither of them have enough points for a direct invite to The International 2018. They might have enough after this tournament.

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