Fnatic replaces Ohaiyo with UNiVeRsE: Ohaiyo fights back

Moments after Fnatic qualified for the ESL One Katawice Major, they parted ways with offlaner Ohaiyo, and replaced him with former Evil Genius UNiVeRsE.

by Brandon Ridgely

(Photo Credit: BagoGames)

Fnatic showed group success in taking down qualification for the ESL One Katawice Major, and things were looking up for the squad. But then, only a few hours later, Ohaiyo was told that he would be replaced by UNiVeRsE, formerly of Evil Geniuses and Team Secret. 

Just in the celebration of victory, Ohaiyo’s time was cut short before even getting a chance to fail. 

While the change could be a good thing for Fnatic overall, the move reveals the more cold side of esports. In response to the move, Ohaiyo made a Facebook post firing back at his former team and teammates.

“After thinking for these few days,” said Ohaiyo, “I would like to talk about my feeling about how I got replaced by Universe. It is so sad and cruel, after winning TNC and qualified to ESL One Katowice Major Main Event. We had a pizza dinner to celebrate but after we finished, I was informed by Adam Shah ( Fnatic coach ) and Eric Khor ( Fnatic Manager ) that I’ve been replaced by Universe and they told me that Universe arrived Malaysia just the day before Fnatic vs TnC Grand final EslOne Katowice which was last Thursday. Universe stayed in EE sama rental house after he arrived Malaysia. (EE sama stays in another personal house due to his personal living.) This is how cruel they are, no matter the tournament win or lose, I will be replaced. Im not upset about being replaced , Im disappointed on being used by my teammates for their own benefit…As I know, some players got informed just two three days ago before I got the news on last Friday night. Actually they should not be qualified for this major event…”

Ohaiyo’s strong words have created a buzz among Dota fans. And not just about whether the move does indeed improve the team heading into the ESL One Katowice Major. While the heat of esport competition means roster moves are sometimes essential to reaching pivotal goals, what exactly are the ethics behind removing a player that’s helped the team reach success? 

More directly, is telling a player just hours after a major victory for the team that his work will be followed up on by a replacement a reasonable thing to do?

These questions and more will be asked by many over the coming days, with fans deciding on their own support of the team, and onlookers fearing the same from their own favorites. 

But thus far, if the feedback is anything to go on, it seems the answer is a resounding no. 



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