Dota 2 Patch 7.10: Supplements for the less viable

As expected, this patch rebalanced the heroes to prevent having two similar Dota Major Championships in three weeks, but we didn’t expect the Dark Willow.

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(Image Credit: Melissa Doroquez)

This patch brought a lot of changes although most of them were small hero changes. The too popular got nerfed and the less popular got buffed. However, the most exciting change must be Dark Willow’s arrival in Captain’s Mode.

Entrance of Dark Willow in the competitive scene

This hero definitely looks strong in pubs. She has three really long ranged disables, huge damage potential and can become untargetable. Now that teams have little opportunity to learn to deal with her, The Bucharest Major might be a great time to pick her.

We should see this fairy and her pet in The Bucharest Major. Captain’s Draft 4.0 showed the hero is viable; and Mineski, the team that picked her twice, is participating in the major as well.

Big changes

  • Bounty Rune base gold bounty increased from 50 to 60 (affects runes after the first one)
  • Bounty Rune no longer gives XP. Previously gave 0 at the start and increased by 7 per minute.

A surprising nerf for supports especially after the previous patch that helped supports a lot. This is probably targeted towards position 5 players in the competitive scene who intentionally search for and tank enemy ganks for their team. Now if they keep wandering around too much, their experience will be left even further behind.

  • Morphling: Morph can now be toggled to go back and forth from the original target until the duration runs out. Has a 1 second toggle cooldown.

A huge buff considering Waveform and Adaptive Strike’s cooldown are much shorter than Morph’s duration, hence multiple usage of those skills while using Morph is now possible. This pretty much turns Morph into a tagteam for half a minute with the skills and health bar of two heroes.

  • Treant Protector: Level 10 Talent changed from +35% XP Gain to +2 Living Armor Block Instances
  • Treant Protector: Level 15 Talent improved from 3s Tree Respawn Time to 2s
  • Treant Protector: Level 25 Talent changed from +6 Living Armor Block Instances to 700 AoE Living Armor (heroes and buildings)

Playing Ursa against Treant Protector had been bad, and it just got worse. +2 Living Armor block instances at level 10 is good against any ganking hitters and is very effective against Ursa’s Overpower.

The level 25 talent is also interesting. Both of Treant Protector’s level 25 talents can be game-changing in the right situations, but without the experience gain talent, getting to level 25 will be unlikely to happen.

  • Bloodseeker: Bloodrage now heals you for 50% of its value if you do not get the last hit but are within 300 AoE of a dying hero.

You can now save your teammate by killing enemy heroes nearby, imagine this being done in a competitive match and hyped by the caster. This can be fun to watch, and more fun is always good.

  • Dragon Knight: Agility gain reduced from 2.2 to 2.0
  • Dragon Knight: Level 10 Talent changed from +30 Attack Speed to -20% Breathe Fire Damage Reduction

Turns out offlane Dragon Knight is not being frowned upon. The hero’s talent choices at level 10 are now either that or +2 mana regeneration, both good for the non-hitting aspects of the hero.

  • Terrorblade: Base HP regen reduced from 3.25 to 3.0
  • Terrorblade: Reflection no longer reduces attack speed

Heroes that were too popular in ESL One Katowice were nerfed, but only Terrorblade got a massive nerf. The problem with this hero was that he deals so much damage and he can cast Sunder. Neither of them were addressed in this patch, but the hero was weakened in other areas, which can be a good thing because drafting in Dota 2 is more intense when picking the right heroes can be problematic to the opposing team.

Closing thought

ESL One Katowice lacked diversity in the drafting phase. Only about half of the hero pool entered the drafting phase more than three times. We firmly believe all heroes matter and with this patch less popular heroes should get drafted more without secluding the already popular ones.

What heroes do you expect to see in The Bucharest Major? Let us know in the comments below!