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What is the best Primal Beast Build in DOTA 2?

DOTA 2 7.31 marked the debut of the new hero, Primal Beat. Players know him as the boss of the Aghanim Labyrinth Second Part.

The Primordial Beast is a combination of a dragon and a couple of Dinosaurs. The hero has interesting Initiating Spells, a big AoE ultimate, and the ability to become stronger the more Damage he receives.

Here is our Building Guide for the Primal Beast in DOTA 7.31b.

Primal Beast Position

So far, Primal Beast seems a Natural Position 3 or Offlane. However, the hero can also be played as a Hard Support (Pos. 4)

Primal Beast Items

One of the biggest challenges of Primal Beast is the mana problem. His Mana Pool is 267. Primal Beast abilities, Trample costs 90, and Onslaught costs 120, which means you are out of mana after casting two spells.

Primal Beast is not a Right-Click type hero. Rely a lot upon its skills to inflict damage. The best strategy is to rush, Soul Ring, Arcane Boots, or get one or two Bracer.

Bracer has become one of the most efficient items in the game, which now double its bonuses after 25 minutes. With that in mind, these are the Items for Early and Mid Game:

  • Early Game Items
    • 1 Tango
    • 1 Iron Branch (Maybe Two)
    • 2 Gauntlets of Strength
    • 1 Mango
  • Mid-Game
    • Magic Wand
    • Bracers (Two Bracers is a good option)
    • Arcane Boots
    • Wind Lace
    • Aghanim Shard
Primal Beast Built
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Primal Beast Optimal Built. These are the most popular items so far.

Although Onslaught is an initiation spell, the ability stun allies in its way, and it can be stopped. Blink Dagger is a more efficient option.

BLB is a must item for entering the battle and inflicting all the crowd control in Primal Beast Kit.

Primal Beast is the first new hero to have an Aghanim Shard. Although Rock Throw is easy to dodge for the long casting period, it requires a bit of practice.

These are other alternative items: Crimson Guard, Lotus Orb, Wraith Pact, or the Pipe of Insight.

If players have extra gold in late-game, a defensive item like Heart Of Tarrasque or Assault Cuirass is the way to go.

Primal Beast Talent Tree

Most Primal Beast Talents are situational, depending on specific drafts or purposes.

Primal Beast Talent Tree
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TALENT TREE: Primal Beast talent level-up focus in spells strength and Defense

If the opponents have a team heavy on Crowd Control, the Dispelled of Uproar at Lv. 20 is the best option.

An alternative is to make the Primal Beast more powerful, choosing +30% Trample Attack Multiplier at Lv. 20 and the 50% Spell Lifesteal at Lv. 25

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