DOTA 2 Patch 7.31b: Winner and Losers from the Latest Changes

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We are into some days after the biggest update of 2022 for DOTA 2. The patch 7.31 is already shaking things up in the meta.

As its centerpiece, the Dota 2 7.31 patch introduced a new hero, Primal Beast, and a brand new roster of neutral creeps.

The patch also includes numerous changes to the game, including a Techies rework and changes all heroes.

Here are the winners and losers after the changes in DOTA 2.


DOTA 2 7.31b Fixes

Valve released a minor update to fix a situation when players were stacking Null Talismans to reduce the Mana Cost to the point they could spam abilities non-stop.

The patch also addresses problems with the following heroes:

  • Tiny
    • Three Throw was overpowered after Aghanim's Shard became available at 15 minutes.
    • Tiny was able to one-shot supports playing as hard carry. Now the Three Throw scale and Tiny have less armor.
  • Undying
    • 7.31 introduced the piercing ability to tag units that deal more damage to creeps but less to standard units.
    • The change provoked the Tomb of Undying was capable of getting Rampage before the first minute.
    • The Damage of the Zombies has been reduced.
  • Techies Rework
    • Many players jumped into the new Techies Demolitions Crew; however, they were finding problems adapting to the changes.
    • Techies' Blast Off now scales based on their current HP instead of their max, making it much less painful to jump into enemies.
    • The new skill Sticky Bomb also has an additional slow with its explosion.

Full Patch Notes: Here

Winners and Losers for DOTA 2 7.31B Patch

The following list is based on the increase or decrease of Hero win rates in Rank Games after introducing patch 7.31.

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Tiny and Undying were dominating before the adjusts of 7.31b. Now these are the heroes that are performing best:

Heroes Overall Win Rate Increase after 7.31
Techies Demolitions Crew47%4.7%
Storm Spirit48%1.8%

Despite the Perma Mana being fixed, the Storm Spirit is still in the winners of the current patch.

Undying is receiving a big blow after the nerf of his Zombies, with a 3.2% Win Rate decrease nonetheless, Undying is Top 2 in the overall Win Rating with 54.6 %, just behind Meepo.


Last year the meta was dominated by Offlane Lycan at a certain point; currently, the half-wolf is at the bottom of this list dramatically.

Heroes Overall Win Rate Increase after 7.31
Lone Druid50.9%2.3%

At the TOP of the list of Losers in the current patch, there are heroes that were over 50% win rate, the indication a new meta is in the rising.