06 May 2021 3:21 PM +00:00

Doom Eternal launch trailer: Rip & tear your way to glory

The release date for Doom Eternal is closing in fast.

The launch trailer is finally here and it delivers a glorious blow to boredom.

Get ready to slay demons, save the world, and rip & tear your way to victory.

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The trailer shows off plenty.

From big guns, gore, and some hint at the story, you can get a real sense of the adrenaline-pumping campaign that awaits.

With a glimpse of your new enemies, and a huge boss to take on, it looks like DOOM Eternal will be worth the wait!


Release date

DOOM Eternal finally drops on 20 March.

With a new blood-fuelled single-player campaign and new online multiplayer modes confirmed for the game, there’s plenty to get excited about.

Pre-order bonus

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You can pre-order Doom Eternal through the official website, as well as AmazonGAME, and your other usual game retailers.

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If you pre-order any edition of the game you will get the Rip and Tear Pack. This includes:

  • DOOT Revenant player skin to use in Battlemode
  • Cultist Base Master Level – A remixed version of the campaign level “Cultist Base,” with new challenges and surprises
  • “Throw-back” Shotgun Weapon Skin – Bring DOOM’s original shotgun to bear on DOOM Eternal’s demon hordes.