Doom Eternal Multiplayer: Playable demons, Invasion, Battle mode, Online, Weapons & more

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Doom has always revolved around a fast-paced campaign mode, and the upcoming game will be no different.

But the 2016 reboot also produced a solid multiplayer experience that Doom Eternal looks likely to talk.


With the release date of 20 March 2020 fast approaching, fans are ready to jump into their Doom Slayer armour and take on all the demons Hell can unleash on them.

After it was delayed from last year, a lot is expected from Doom Eternal, especially after the 2016 game was so incredibly well-received.

So what can players expect from the multiplayer of Doom Eternal?

Battle mode

Doom Eternal's battle mode pits two demons vs one slayer

TEAMWORK: The two demons will need to work together to beat the Doom Slayer

This new mode promises to be a sensational fusion of Doom's classic fast-paced action and a more strategic play. It pits three players in an unbalanced game.


One plays as a fully-loaded Doom Slayer with every weapon, mod, and ability to hand. The other too control demons including the Revenant, Pain Elemental, and Mancubus.

The demons can spawn AI-controlled enemies and drop hazards to the Doom Slayer and must work together to get the kill.

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One-on-one the Doom Slayer has the advantage, so it is up to them to isolate and finish off the opponents. However, there is a twist.

Once one demon is killed, the Slayer has just 20 seconds to kill the other, if they can't then the first demon will return with half-health.

A best of five series, this mode promises to be a hit.


two demons appear to attack Doom Eternal's hero

ADDED DANGER: Invasion lets players attack you in campaign mode!

This mode will blend multiplayer and single-player modes.

Entirely new for Doom Eternal, Invasion will allow players to control demons and invade your campaign! Likewise, you can join the demonic side and even team up with friends to invade other players' campaigns.

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This mode can, of course, be turned off, but it adds an amazing layer of replay value to campaign mode.

Is there deathmatch?

The iconic Doom Slayer returns to battle Hell

SLAYER: Don't expect a Day 1 deathmatch

Doom Eternal will not have "traditional" multiplayer, at least not at launch.

This is something of a surprise given that the Doom spawned deathmatch multiplayer in the first place.

However, it's safe to say the Doom 2016 community had a lot of problems with the way multiplayer was handled last time.

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There will be a lot of post-launch support for Doom Eternal, with free extra maps for battle mode already promised. So maybe somewhere down the line players will be able to take on one another in Slayer vs Slayer modes, but for now you should be ready to jump into battle mode and enjoy some good old Doom Slayer vs demon carnage.