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DOOM Eternal DLC 2 is sending a new weapon to Hell

DOOM Eternal is the ultimate Doom experience and DLC 2 is bringing another new weapon to the title for Doom Slayer to slay doom with.

The Ancient Gods Part 2 has been in the works for a little while now and it seems like we could be getting a release date announcement soon.

Below, we have everything you need to know about what could be coming to DOOM Eternal in DLC 2. Be sure to take these things with a pinch of salt, as always.

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A New Weapon Is On The Way

If the leaks are to be believed then the Sentinel Hammer could be on it's way to DOOM Eternal in The Ancient Gods Part 2.

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In a series of leaked achievements, there's one entry that stands out and seemingly confirms the fact that a new weapon is coming to DOOM Eternal DLC 2.

  • Tougher Than Nails - Acquire all Sentinel Hammer upgrades ( Ancient Gods 2 )

As you can see, a trophy like that seems like a pretty surefire confirmation that the weapon is coming to DOOM Eternal soon.

We're guessing it will operate differently from the Sentinel Armour, though. This armour set is only made available when you die repeatedly at the same point in DOOM Eternal.

DOOM Eternal DLC 2 new weapon Ancient Gods Sentinel Armour
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SENTINEL ARMOUR - This armour set gives us a rare glimpse at Doom Slayer's face

You can also unlock it with Batteries but that's a different conversation.

It looks awesome and it is stronger, but it feels a little bit shameful to wear if we're honest. Doom Slayer is the toughest guy out there, right?

Achievement List Hints

The Sentinel Hammer isn't the only thing hinted at by this Achievement List. Below, we have the tweet that has shared the information below and a run-down of what this could mean.


Although there is no description for Crystal Spelunker, Cross the Threshold, Siege the Day, and Rest Your Weary Fists, players seem to think that this is hinting at what's to come in DOOM Eternal DLC 2.

Redditor u/C-Ron believes that the "Siege The Day" achievement confirms that the level will be based on the concept art below.

Doom Eternal DLC 2 The Ancient Gods Part 2 Sentinel Concept Art
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HORDES - You may look outnumbered, but that's how Doom Slayer like it

Although this may seem like a little bit of a long shot, we're not going to pretend that it isn't an awesome idea.

Release Date

Sadly, we don't have anything official about a release date for DOOM Eternal DLC 2 just yet.


However, we should be getting something pretty soon. Usually, Achievement / Trophy lists are leaked shortly before a release.

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In addition to this, The Ancient Gods Part 2 has reportedly had its' Age-Rating confirmed.

You can check out the Tweet that suggests this here:

It seems like a pretty obvious bit of information, but if it is true then this means DOOM Eternal DLC 2 is right around the corner.

For anything official though, the Doom social media channels are the best place to keep an eye on.

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