Doom Eternal Demons: Hunter, Hell Knights, Arch-vile + gameplay & more

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First-person shooters owe a lot to Doom, but the nearly 30-year-old franchise still has plenty of tricks up its sleeve to stand out from the pack.

Doom Eternal is set to hit the shelves on 20 March 2020 and bring another round of gore, chaos, and heavy metal to players around the world.


Available on PS4, Xbox, Steam, Stadia, and eventually Switch, there isn't a gamer on the planet that won't be able to fight Hell as the Doom Slayer.

But who, or more accurately what, will you be fighting?


FIGHT BACK: Take the battle to Hell

Creator director Hugo Martin says that there will be twice as many demons in Doom Eternal compared to the Doom 2016 reboot.

Now it is unclear whether this means twice as many types of demon or just double the number of demons to kill. Either way, you're in for a gory run through the campaign.


Every demon will be destructible. Meaning body parts and armour can be blasted off during combat. This even goes for their weapons, which can be disabled if you hit the right bits.

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Combine this with the new movement mechanics and Doom Eternal promises to be a more strategic gore-fest than previous titles.

So which enemies will you be dismembering, exploding, and ripping to pieces


This brain on legs looks terrifying but it will die just like everything else. It's a perfect place to start trying out your strategic fighting and laying into its turret and legs to disable it.

Hell Knight


STAY AWAY: Without a gun, the Hell Knight can only hurt you up close

This big monster is a close-range beast that will rip you to shreds if you are within arms reach.

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Use your new movement mechanics and any ranged weapon you have to beat this guy.

The Hunter

Packed to the brim with weapons, The Hunter is one of the most formidable enemies you will face in Doom Eternal. But when you have a super shotgun in hand and heavy metal in your ears who is really the hunter?


Pain Elemental

These flying balls are always a pain. High and out of reach of your shotgun... at least until now. The new "meathook" on your super shotgun will help you get up to them and dispatch them back to Hell.


HELLFIRE: The Arch-vile is sure to be tricky

This one looks sure to be a test.

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An old foe from way back in Doom II, this Hell beast appeared in a teaser trailer followed by the Doom Slayer drawing a sword that looked like the Crucible.

The Marauder

THE STORM: Say hello to a fearsome new foe

This one looks like it will be a fearsome enemy towards the end of the game. Wearing armour that looks eerily like that of the Doom Slayer, Bethesda said "There's a story behind that." and we can't wait to take him on.