Does Midwinter Games' Scavengers have crossplay features?

Midwinter Games' new game, Scavengers, might be the next big thing but will it have crossplay features? Here's everything you need to know below.

Does The Scavengers Game Have Crossplay?

At the moment, Scavengers looks like it's only going to be available on PC at launch.


It is currently in an Early Access period on both Steam and the Epic Games Store and there are plans to release the title fully as a free-to-play experience when it's ready.

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You can check out the information below, but be warned... The Scavengers website is currently down so finding out any official news on crossplay features for the game is a bit difficult.

What Is Scavengers, Anyway?

Scavengers is a near-future battle royale title that's aiming to implement a few interesting features in the over-done genre. It's being described as a "co-opetition" title due to its combination of PvP and PvE features and we're inclined to agree with this strange word-mash.

Scavengers Game Crossplay Blizzard
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BRUTAL BLIZZARD - Weather is as much of an enemy in this Survival-BR

You can check out a very brief summary of the title from Improbable, the owners of the development studio, below:

" At heart, the game is a multiplayer shooter where players compete with one another and against a large number of AI-driven foes for scarce resources. Each round of Scavengers is session-based, taking around 20-30 minutes from insertion to extraction. Players form into teams of three in matches featuring up to 60 players."

However, it's the survival aspect of the title that makes it interesting. You'll have to fight off Hunger and the Cold Weather as well as your opponents if you want to make it in this wasteland.

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As you progress, you'll unlock more ways of doing this and more character customisation options, but winning isn't going to be easy. There are hundreds of AI enemies out there too that you'll have to contend with.

Of course, the actual players are the real danger... But, AI opponents can always prove a little tricky with everything going on. You can check out the latest gameplay trailer for the new title below: