Does Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance Have Crossplay?

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Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance is due to come out in less than a week. With that launch comes a lot of different questions. With unsure information on singleplayer and multiplayer, we're here to alleviate some of what you should know.

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Multiplayer games are so reliant on their player base. Crossplay is needed to add to that player base and, more importantly, play with your friends.

When Does it Come Out?

Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance comes out on June 22nd and can be played on day one on Xbox GamePass.


Though we don't have the specific launch time just yet, we will update here as soon as we know. You can preload the game right now for just over 22GB.

Does Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance Have Crossplay?


The answer to this one is "kind of". There is crossplay but, unfortunately, it's very limited at launch. One can only hope that changes over time.

If you play on PlayStation 4, you can play with people of PlayStation 5 but not with those on Xbox or PC.

This being said, Xbox have confirmed full crossplay between Xbox devices and PC on day one.

What Does This Mean?

As Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance is available on Steam, this means the crossplay issue is on Sony's end, not Microsoft's. Perhaps they wouldn't allow the crossplay this time as they did way back with Borderlands 3.

Crossplay was ready to go with Borderlands 3 but Sony pulled the plug on PlayStation support leaving just PC and Xbox with crossplay functions. With full crossplay and day one GamePass launch, Xbox appears to be the best way to play Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance. Hopefully, this trend doesn't continue in the future.