Does Biomutant Have New Game Plus?

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Biomutant is almost here so you may have some questions before you get into it. Check back here for the latest updates on everything Biomutant.

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This being said, we do know what happens when you beat the game. Without spoilers, here's what you should know.

Can You Play Biomutant After Finishing?

Before we get into new game plus, you might be wondering if you can mop up all those side quests and activities you left behind.


Unfortunately, you can't play on after you've beaten the game. It has defined endings and that's it. This being said, you can boot up your save from moments before the end and do everything you intended to do. It's not a great solution but it's the only way of hanging around after the credits.

Does Biomutant Have New Game Plus?


This all being said, you will be happy to know it does have a new game plus mode. After you've beaten the game with whatever moral path you chose, you will get the credits and then get told about new game plus.

Essentially, you save your game and use your latest file to boot up a whole new game. You get to keep all your good stuff but the game itself resets whilst skipping the very start. You get given the first major choice and move forward from there.

When Does It Come Out?

Biomutant launches on May 25. This being said, those lucky enough to find the game in the wild have been playing it for a few days. THQ Nordic don't mind but they ask that anyone with the game not share any crucial details, to avoid spoiling the game for others.

Those with review copies got the game a bit earlier and the review embargo drops today, May 24, so keep an eye out for the review if you aren't sure on the purchase yet.