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Disney Dreamlight Valley Update: Release Date, Time & New Content

ursula and the players character in disney dreamlight valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley is about to go live with its first major update TOMORROW and can't wait for all the fun new content it will bring! We already know about a few of the big changes but we're keen to see the full rundown once it's playable in-game.

Halloween is right around the corner so spooky content is a strong possibility but we also know that Scar will be joining our roster of villagers as part of this update. Here's everything we know about the rest of Disney Dreamlight Valley Update 1 so far.

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Latest - Patch Notes Revealed

The Patch Notes for Disney Drealight Valley's Update 1 - now known as the Scar's Kingdom Update - have been released.

We can see exactly what fixes are planned and there are tons of major requests being dealt with.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Update 1 Release Date & Time

The Disney Dreamlight Valley Halloween Update is slated for Wednesday, 19 October. No exact time has been revealed just yet, but looking at previous updates, it could take place around 6 am PT / 9 pm ET / 2 pm BST.

We are not expecting server downtime right now and instead expect the update file to simply be uploaded and available for download at the above time. Should we get an announcement that the servers will go down, we let you know.

What to Expect

Scar will finally take his place on the island, likely in the Sunlit Plateau where it seems that there is an empty house waiting for him. We will also see the introduction of a brand new Star Path.

image of scar from the lion king as he appears in disney dreamlight valley.
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No theme has been announced but we would like to think that it will be Halloween-themed. It should last for around six weeks. New clothing and furniture options are also being added but are yet to be showcased.

Finally, we have the bug fixes, which might be the most exciting part of the update altogether. Expect fixes for progress loss and crashes as well as further issues with rainwater and crops as well as massive general optimizations.

A full list of patch notes is expected to release once the update is live and we'll break down all the major changes once we've had a read-through!

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