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Diablo Immortal Release Date Announced

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Diablo Immortal has been a bit of a contentious game since its announcement. As we come closer to its launch, it is clear the team have taken it all on board. Here's what we know about Diablo Immortal's release date so far.

Diablo Immortal Release Date

Diablo Immortal is finally launching on June 2nd, just weeks from now. It is being hailed as the biggest Diablo title to date, with plenty of classes, quests and zones to explore. It's entirely free to play and you can pre-register to play the game right now.

In the live stream, they put out a trailer and a general Q and A to reveal some of its best details. It seems like they have been listening to the community and shaping development around what fans may like.

Is Diablo Immortal coming to PC?

Yes, Diablo Immortal is coming to PC. It will use WASD controls for the first time in Diablo history and will be the full game on launch.

It was designed for mobile but the team seem proud of what the PC version is able to put out. You will have to wait until launch to see if this is true.

Does Diablo Immortal have Crossplay?

Diablo Immortal will have full on crossplay from launch between iOS, Android and PC on launch. This allows you to play with anyone at any time.

It is clear that the backlash to a mobile-only Diablo game has hit the team hard so they want to open up to the servers to a much bigger pool of people. Pc is getting full support and even some special consideration with certain controls. It is unclear if Diablo Immortal will come to console but, if it does well, it seems likely it will.

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