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Destiny 2 Weapon Changes, Recoil Stat Coming This Year

Destiny 2 fans are likely familiar with the game's set of weekly updates that occasionally come with a variety of changes.

With the latest weekly update, Bungie has made a few announcements about what it has in store for certain weapons going forward.

Here's what Bungie is suggesting as part of an overhaul for some particular weapons.

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Destiny 2 Weapon and Recoil Stat Changes

RECOIL IN FRUSTRATION -- Bungie has changes coming to Destiny 2's weapons
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RECOIL IN FRUSTRATION -- Bungie has changes coming to Destiny 2's weapons

Bungie stated during the most recent weekly update that it would be making changes to the Recoil stat on a variety of weapons.

Right now, Bungie notes (via Eurogamer) that the Recoil stat is reduced by about 40 percent when players use mouse and keyboard compared to a controller.


This has lead to players being able to "largely ignore the stability weapon stat."

As a result, there have been large discrepancies between controllers and mouse and keyboards when it comes to weapon performance.

Bungie plans to halve recoil by about 20 percent with weapons like auto, scout, plus rifles, submachine and machine guns, as well as hand cannons.

Destiny 2 Recoil Reduction Changes Player Response

With Bungie announcing these changes for players, it has been met with a bit of concern.

Some are wondering how this will affect cross-lay when players use a combination of both controllers and mouse and keyboards.

Others are wondering if there will be an option to split up mouse and keyboard players from controllers.

Bungie has yet to respond to these concerns, though it's likely we won't see too many super drastic changes to that end going forward.

Additional Weapon Changes


Recoil stat changes aren't the only ones in place further down the line.

There will be a 15% nerf for sword damage as well as a damage buff for rocket launchers by 30$.

Bungie will continue to round out the changes it plans to enact going forward with the next Destiny 2 season.