02 Feb 2021 4:44 PM +00:00

Destiny 2 Season 13 Reset: Season of the Chosen Leaked, Trailer Coming Today With Latest News On Changes

Season 13 Update - The new Destiny 2 Season of the Chosen trailer has just dropped and it's jam-packed with new things to see.

Give it a watch, you won't be disappointed!

Original Story - It's Tuesday and that means Destiny 2 will undergo its weekly reset this evening.

With only seven days to go until the new season gets underway, there's still a lot to be revealed.

Last weeks 'This Week At Bungie' blog post gave fans a glimpse of some changes that'll happen to the sandbox and weekly bounties.

However, that's only the tip of the iceberg and one rather large piece of info appears to have leaked ahead of time overnight.


Forbes resident Destiny writer Paul Tassi reported the news first, as Game Informer appeared to leak the news on their official Twitter account before pulling the tweet in question.

Still, fans were able to grab a quick screenshot before it was pulled.

The tweet in question, seen below, outlines a few key details, namely that but one of the most interesting details appears to be that new strikes are coming.

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On top of this, we have confirmation of the Season name - 'Season of the Chosen' - and also it seems pretty nailed on that the Cabal will be the main focus of the season, alongside Zavala.


We'd wager that the Destiny 2 reset will introduce a new trailer to set up the season in question.

This trailer, or at least a few images from it, was leaked some time ago and again it featured Zavala speaking with some Cabal.

Paul Tassi has suggested that the season will also focus on the Cabal leader Caiatl, daughter of Calus.

"Caiatl was hinted at through lore this season and some of the early teasers Bungie put out in the most recent TWAB" Tassi explained on his Forbes piece early this morning.

Tassi also suggested that the majority of the season will most probably take place on Nessus. Which makes sense, since Beyond Light gave us Europa and Season of the Hunt was more focused on The Tangled Shore and Dreaming City.

We should get more details later today, so be sure to watch out for more info around 5pm GMT this evening.