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Destiny 2 Beyond Light: New Title Screen leaked, Expansion contents & more!

The next major expansion for Destiny 2 will release tomorrow, November 10.

Introducing a number of exciting new features to the game, including the new Stasis element, Beyond Light is set to blow Destiny 2 players’ socks off.

With the latest expansion just around the corner, let’s take a look at the latest leak of Beyond Light now!

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Title Screen Leaked

This leak of Beyond Light showcases the new title screen that players will see when they start the game.

The video already has over 40,000 views, and the number keeps rising as fans of the franchise flock to see what they’ll be hearing for the next year.


The screen was found in the game files of the latest expansion, and was ripped from, and uploaded to YouTube, by Ginsor DestinyMining.

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The comments on YouTube all express excitement for the imminent release.

YouTube Leak Opinions

The top comment is from a YouTuber by the name of Forcer, who says that the theme has put a smile on his face.

destiny 2 beyond light next gen 1
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NEXT GEN: The new expansion is also coming to next gen

The theme used, for those wondering, is the Pyramid theme, one that we’re sure many players will be happy with.


Other users made comments that are just as positive about the new update.

All in all, the comments on the video show that the next expansion for Destiny 2 will be welcomed warmly.

Beyond Light Update & Price

As aforementioned, the update itself contains a number of new game features.

destiny 2 beyond light
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FROZEN IN TIME: The new expansion sees us take on new abilities

Players will also receive new exotics as with all major Destiny 2 Updates.


These new subclasses will be highly customisable, with Aspects and Fragments tuning their abilities.

The new expansion will also come with some awesome new armour to collect!

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Beyond Light launches November 10, with the base version of the expansion costing $40, although other editions are available.