EA possibly gearing up for a Dead Space announcement

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Ahead of EA Play Live, which is due to take place in a few weeks, the Dead Space YouTube channel has been updated for the first time in years.

Dead Space YouTube Channel Icon

This was pointed out by @SierraI07 on Twitter, who has provided images of the old Dead Space icon, which shows off Dead Space 3, and the new one.


As you can see below, the new icon is much more vague than the previous one.

Surely there's no reason for them to update the icon of a channel that's not uploaded a video in eight years if they're not set to have some news to share sometime soon.

The channel is also verified, so it is certainly an official change made by someone at EA or the Dead Space studio.


Visceral was shut down a couple of years ago, so the change has either been made by EA or the studio that has taken over the series' revival.

Dead Space Sequel Leaks

This comes following leaks that EA are set to reveal a new Dead Space game, a revival or sorts, at EA Play Live later in July.

Jeff Grubb reported that EA were set to revive a AAA series of theirs, and it was then followed up on by the likes of VGC, who reported that the series was Dead Space.


Following this statement, he said the following...

" I think you'll be happy. We're going to see it... If we're not dead first."

Motive, who are the studio reportedly working on the revival, released Star Wars: Squadrons last year, so Dead Space will likely be a few years from releasing.

For now, we'll have to wait for EA Play Live to see more on the game, but the YouTube icon change does show that there's some life in Dead Space yet.